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`Murad's Journey' by Zabel Yessayan and Murad(96pp, NB-Press, Yerevan, 1990) Armenian News Network / GroongApril 19, 2005By Eddie Arnavoudian`MURAD'S JOURNEY'- A PAINFUL WITNESS TO THE 1915 ARMENIAN GENOCIDE Entitled simply `Murat's Journey', this booklet is amongst the mostmoving and most chilling of witnesses to the 1915 Armenian Genocide -a sobering, shocking, troubling account of human barbarism and theprocess of dehumanisation that it sets in train.

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Zabel Yessayan, Leading Female Writer of ..

Zabel Yessayan, Leading Female Writer of Armenian Awakening Period

ZABEL YESSAYAN (1878-1943) is recognized today as one of the greatest writers in Western Armenian literature. From her earliest years until her tragic death, Yessayan championed social justice and women's rights. Even as a young woman, she fought against the injustices she saw at school, refused to accept the restrictions placed on girls in her community, and demonstrated a fierce determination to succeed in the literary world at a time when few women were allowed entry. Yessayan authored several novels, short stories, newspaper articles, and an eyewitness account of the aftermath of the 1909 massacres of the Armenians in Adana.

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Sepastatzi Muradwas one of the most remarkable Armenian guerrilla leaders fightingOttoman tyranny; Zabel Yessayan, one of Armenia's greatest modernnovelists and prose writers.

Answering the Question: ‘Who Is Zabel Yessayan?’
Early years of Zabel Yessayan's lifelong commitment to writing and activism.

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A reader responds to Jennifer Manoukian's piece about Zabel Yessayan's early years.

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Books by Zabel Yessayan, Garden of Silihdar and Other Writings