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You may decide that you want more than one board. I generally make several, one for different aspects of my life such as a Business Vision board, A Money vision board and a Diet vision board. One of my great passions is travel and I am currently making one for all the places I want to visit. It’s great fun going through holiday brochures and the internet and selecting images of appealing locations. At this moment in time I have no idea of where I might actually travel to, or how I’m going to fund it. But that is not the point, allow your dreams to become more tangible by stating them out loud as it were and you have a greater chance of manifesting them.

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Hello Adam. How do you do I’m here to thank you for your help, after seeing his work on the internet and see your website has changed my life in a way consideravel.Não’m one of his students (yet) because I write from Brazil. Was definitely my dreams being massacred and hopelessness being part of my days. After reading your story, comcei studying to achieve my success, love finance, crowd psychology, philosophy, and financial market and you’re sendmeu example (my benchmark) to reach success.

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I am very happy that i have come for this camp. I learn many important things about FAMILY and MYSELF. Like for example the most important person in my life is myself and only me. I really really love you guyz for teaching me about all this and i think i am already benefitting from this camp. I would like to thank you all for all the support you have given especially coach LiFen and ofcourse Andrea,Adam,Leroy and Gary. I am thankful to you guyz for making me laugh and also at the same time make me learn happily and effectively with all your heart. I am promising you guyz that one day you will see me, a young man named AMMAR KHAN being even MORE SUCCESSFUL then all of you and acheiving my goals. And I’ll be having the most happiest and LOVINGfamily you will ever see. I PROMISE YOU

The dream is telling you that you are overlyfixating on minor details and overlooking the important things on your life.

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Adam, thank you so much for your tutelage, and for everything you’ve done for me. Please also convey my sincere and heart-felt thank you to my Coach, Rossana Chen, who came in for the coach that was supposed to coach my group. Who was stern but kind, strict but fair. Thank you to my TLC Coach, Chuan Lay, who taught me that nothing is impossible. Thank you to Amin, who taught me that there’s always something positive, something to laugh about. Thank you to Gary and Gerald, who brought the best of me throughout TLC, taking what I am and molding me, showing me that I could be someone better. Thank you to Leroy, for what he taught me about leadership. Thank you to Andrea, who taught me to live life a little simpler and a little happier. Thank you Bong, for teaching me how to be a supermodel, and how to accept jokes. Thank you Dan and Thank you Freddy, for the strictness and laughs. Thank you for the coaches I have worked with – Aaron Hoe and Tim Charastrakul, for teaching me what it is to be a good coach. Thank you to Ricky, Igor and Aldi, for always being there for me during camps. Thank you for everyone else who have been a part of the wonderful AKLTG Experience, and helped mold who I am.

The dreamserves to remind you that other people can come and go out of your life, but youwill always have family.

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This is Jin, the Chief Operation Officer from Soul Thai Restaurant. Although you might not remember me but i graduated from WA and just want to say that your course filled me with the right money mindset and skills to achieve my millionaire dream. Although i am not there yet, the law of attraction brought me into this business and gave the opportunity of a lifetime to become an entrepreneur. Although this is my family business, i believe i am very fortunate to be given this chance as there are many things to learn eg: hiring and managing the right people plus thai chef, purchasing, kitchen and front crew

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Ever thought about how your kids could be helping at home, dealing with social and financial issues, learning about domestic shores and entrepreneurship basics? Well, now your son or daughter can hear about all of these things, and apply them at home,and most important, in their future!
In "The Little School" your child will learn these "life lessons" in fun and alternative classes, awakening their dreams and aspirations, as well as their interest in social and domestic studies. Come join us in a experimental class! :)

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In tryingto keep up with the pace of your daily waking life, you dreams may serve as youronly outlet in coping and coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.