WWI. 19 3/4 x 27". Some folds and crinkles. $35

My guess is this was made 1890's. The Litho company name from Philadelphia in the lower right, has been mostly obliterated. Not sure if it was deliberately or accidentally rubbed. 17 1/2 x 21 3/4". It was in a frame behind glass until recently. This is a very nice rendition of the United States flag on a flagstaff, towering above the clouds, some which look dark and nasty, and the other part is a blue sky. Dramatic. The words below are "COLUMBIA RODE SAFE THROUGH THE STORM" and "OUR FLAG" below. Some minor staining only in the white border areas. I will ship this rolled. $50

WWI. 20 X 20". Have two. Each...$30

  WWI. Herbert Paus. 30 x 40 1/2

Georgian Mahogany Box circa 1800

8 1/4 x 10 1/2", with heavier cardstock covers. "Examination Questions and Answers" and "For all Grades of Civilian Pilots". Also on the cover "WE KEEP 'EM FLYING with FLYING ? QUESTIONS / UP-TO-DATE AS A WEATHER REPORT". The first page inside lists the title as "NEW CIVIL AIR REGULATIONS / FOR ALL CLASSES OF CIVILIAN PILOTS / WHICH BECAME EFFECTIVE JULY 1st, AND AUGUST 1st, 1945". 45 pages. All intact, in solid condition. Some foxing and the pages are browning in spots. $10

WWI. 28 X 44". Great graphics. Condition is rough. $95

50 year edition of this very popular, and long running publication. Very good condition overall, no dog ears, no marks or highlighting. "The GUN REPORT Volume 51, Number 1 June 2005 / $10.00" - "50 Years Serving Firearm Collectors Around the World 1955-2005". $4

WWII. 25 X 34". Some folds and chips. $30

7. 10 prints, 1863 through 1963. Some water damage.

WWI. Painted by V. Aderente. Designed by Frances Adams Halsted. 30 x 40 1/2". Copyright 1916. Lightweight paper. Tape repairs. $250

8. Same as #7. Excellent condition. Each corner has tack holes.

of solid mahogany throughout, the boxes were made in plain mahogany for strength and stability and then veneered in figured mahogany, rosewood or kingwood. The veneers were carefully selected for their rich appearance. The surfaces were French polished which enhanced the beauty of the dark striations within such woods as kingwood and rosewood and the beautiful figure of mahogany and other woods.

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This is a beautiful painting of a lady done in 1944, typical of the type of models used in cigarette ads, or similar products. Dale purchased this back in the early 90's, and had it professionally restored by a lady in Pennsylvania. As I remember, she didn't need to do a lot, and did a magnificent job. She also put it in a very nice modern frame, but it is still mounted on the original stretcher frame. In the frame, it measures 27 1/4 x 33 1/4". The back has the words "AD ART / PANITED (sic) BY GEORGE HINKY / 1944". The blue ink had been blurred when the restorer cleaned the painting. We used to display this in our Alaska home. I will ship postpaid. $825

WWI. The Frank D. Jacobs Company. 19 x 23". Minor nicks. Have three. Each...$45

D. BUTLER BROTHERS 1931 Chicago, Illinois 428 Pages $15

Writing stationery" - was bought as a christmas present and i must say the person received it she was delighted. Our writing sheets are just what you need to sprinkle some sophistication on your correspondence.

WWII. Tom Woodburn. 25 x 38". Copyright 1940. Was folded at one time. Old tape repairs. $175

2. 10 prints, 1776 through 1975. Near mint.

Read statue of liberty statue of liberty statute of liberty stands proud as tourists flock to admire her beauty in this ... Read of manliness of manliness "art of manliness" stationary cards are elegant, timeless, and perfect for any man in ...

E.   SEARS, ROEBUCK 1908 Reprint of Catalogue No. 117 Chicago, Illinois $18

4. 10 prints, 1781 through 1855. Water damage.

WWI. A. M. Upjohn. 24 1/2 x 37 1/2". Little tears and repairs. Fragile. Have two. Each...$95 (photographed with some Plexiglass holding it flat)