He immediately became a national sports hero.

Often, a species will not become extinct but its population will be reduced to small number, called a “,” usually in where they can ride out the storm, to have their population expand again when conditions improve. That isolation can cause speciation but can also cause extinction. When a bottleneck happens, the genetic diversity of the population will largely vanish, which can make it more vulnerable. A bottlenecked population can go extinct, can speciate, can undergo an adaptive radiation when conditions improve, or can remain in its refugia and can become a living fossil. The , as it outlived all of its cousins by hundreds of millions of years. Coelacanths have a similar strategy to the , which , to rise at night to feed on the reefs, and all of its cousins long ago went extinct. Humans seem to have , as have , most of which are in threatened status today. In the Devonian extinctions, species were reduced by half during the and the remaining population became bottlenecked. From that bottlenecked situation, the event annihilated the remaining armored fish.

Tiger was my childhood hero, a true warrior.


In 1962, Dick Tiger won the world middle weight boxing championship.

From the Permian extinction’s devastation arose a reptilian sheep called . Fossil hunters of early Triassic sediments have been frustrated for many years, as nearly are , because it was about the Permian extinction’s only land animal survivor. There has been about why it survived when almost nothing else did. No single animal ever dominated Earth’s land masses as thoroughly as did during the early Triassic. was probably a burrower (many have likened to a pig because of that burrowing), which may have provided the shelter needed to survive the Permian holocaust. It may also have been a and could eat most surviving plants. But some think that its survival, when almost every other species died, was due to luck. Luck is a surprisingly common proposed explanation for evolutionary events and outcomes, and some creatures seemed to be in the right place at the right time while others were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The spread of was also aided by two other facts: the land masses , so could simply walk to dominance of Earth; and few predators capable of eating a survived. One (being semi-aquatic may have also helped species survive the Permian extinction), as did , but not much else did. was a , as were the dominant land animals before the Permian extinction.

Tiger inspired lots of Nigerians to go into boxing.

The Golden Age of before it was displaced by , and diapsids, particularly , began displacing therapsids early in the Triassic. A descendant, , burrowed and was possibly a direct ancestor of mammals. If it was not our direct ancestor, it was a to it. Proto-mammals were displaced and largely driven underground during the Triassic, and many of them About 225 mya, which was about halfway through the Triassic, , although there is plenty of fierce controversy over exactly which animal could be called a mammal. But reptiles starred in the Mesozoic’s tale, dinosaurs in particular. Mammals were small, marginal creatures, and until the late Mesozoic, they only emerged from their burrows at night to feed.

"The Lion of Mid-West."The match was declared a draw, although I thought Wonder Boy won.
Dick Tiger was an honorary Biafran army officer and tried to rally US support for Biafra.

Bassey was the second African to become a world boxing champion.

Today’s mainstream science has nothing to say about any intent behind the appearance of life on Earth. Today’s science pursues the physical mechanism. When life first appeared on Earth, the evolutionary process that led to humanity began. The USA's population has , and that is primarily because is still strong here. In all other Western nations, there is virtually no controversy over evolution being a fact of existence, and those nations view the controversy over evolution in the USA with befuddlement. Enlightened scientists will state that science’s story of evolution is one of process and history, not intent, and really has nothing to say about a creator.

I am also looking for photos and information on thefollowing sports heroes that inspired me.

It didn't figure to be an easy evening forTiger.

Thereporter went on, ''You should have one, because Giardello will giveyou another shot just about the day after hell freezes over.'' There were some perfunctory questions about Rivero; then someoneasked if there was anything Tiger would like to say directly toGiardello.

Who in your opinion is the greatest goalkeeper Nigerian has ever produced?

He was the darkest man I had ever seen.

for mass extinctions have been suggested. speculated that extinctions might have regular periodicity, and other scientists have . Around 30 million years is the average time between mass extinctions, which set scientists speculating whether galactic dynamics could be responsible. from supernovas have been proposed as one possible agent, as have , but the periodicity hypothesis has fallen out of favor. The periodic nature of mass extinctions could be because it takes millions of years for complex ecosystems to recover from the previous extinction events and build themselves into unstable states again, when new events cause the ecosystems to collapse.