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The tyrannical, statist purposes behind the "gun control" movement are thus revealed, as are the principles of Machiavelli's viewpoint, where the most successful rulers must be those who achieve good government, while good government is that which fosters the liberty, security, and prosperity of the citizens.

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My Turn: Simon Winchester on Becoming an American Citizen

“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.”
- George Jean Nathan, American Journalist, Critic, Essayist and Editor, (1882-1958).

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Working in a company may provide security. Still, a long career is not everything designers look for today. Good Citizen invites you to share your stories with five independent designers who have more than ten years’ experience of working outside company system. The talk is aimed to inspire young designers, allowing them to see that having both reasonable remuneration and chances to constantly produce great creative work may not be that difficult.

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