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Dear Cameron: So many thanks for sharing your insights into what is happening really with the spirituality on this planet. I am from South America, for a while working as a light worker until I started becoming suspicious. I started feeling that something was wrong, so I decided to investigate. And that is what I have been doing for the las six years or more I would say. It was really confusing to try to get what was going on, it was also painful and frightening, but I decided to go on any way. Through this investigation I came across the works of Eve Lorgen, an hypnotist, who works with abductees, and after a while with the work of an italian guy, Corrado Malanga, who is a professor of Organic Chemistry in Italy. There is a website with some of his work translated into english and spanish called Flash Mental Simulations. Incredibly after 30 years of investigation of abductee cases he came, to his surprise, to the same conclusions that you are showing here. He was a guy that was just interested in the ufo phenomena and in the abuctee experiences. He did not believe in God or that we had souls, and he is not coming from any “new age” point of view. Maybe it would be interesting for some of the people commentting here, specially the ones that think this is “just one guy theory” to go and read the discoveries of these people, which I am certain you do not know about either. I was very happy to find your website and specially this article. All this things just confirm what I have been thinking, and I am so glad someone as young as you is talking openly about it in the net. Please, do continue doing like this. I feel it is very importan to open this kind of discussion to the general public to see if we can come out of this terrible spell we have been under for such a long time.

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First of all, I’m glad more people are starting to catch on to this deception. I will have to disagree with one thing though, I do get communication from beings that sound like a voice in my head, and I also get soul telepathy as well. On any given day it comes in either of these two ways. There are members of my soul family from where I come from who are from the free universe. There are female sounding voices and male sounding voices. They say they have come to earth in the past as well to dismantle the system.

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I follow my own path of truth, and I always felt cautious and weary towards ‘light workers’ those who are overly enthusiastic about love and light and forgetting the dark altogether (in a judgemental sense)… There are other terms that people name themselves in relation with ascension and awakening towards a better future.

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I’ve always been skeptical, my natural state of mind is to question just about everything (much to the annoyance of friends and family!) but since Dec 21st I’ve stopped suppressing it. I’ve even taken myself to places on-line where Lightworkers gather to try and bang a few heads into seeing sense! Your excellent article has proven once again that although my mind may not grasp why I’m behaving in a certain way, my Higher-soul knows EXACTLY what it is doing!

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My guess in terms of channeled beings is that since you really DON’T know who the channeled being really is, but are going on what it and others involved tell you, it is very smart and important to be aware that that being may well be lying. As for the missions where one feels drained, that could well be done telepathically where the person thinks they have left and went somewhere but it was only a dream and the person was drained of energy created when the spirit mind and physical mind reacted to what was perceived in the dream. If one gains power and connection to the Infinite Source of Everything and Beyond (or however we define the undefined power), they should not feel drained as they would gain their power from, well the Infinite Source. So I think the best option is, instead of trying to gain connection by getting channeled beings to tell you how, learn how to go straight to the Source. Even IF a channeled being isn’t lying, they are still people (sentient beings) and are still learning just like everyone else and even they don’t have all the answers… best to find a way to go straight to the Infinite Source. Still trying to figure out how, but I know mankind’s religions are not the way, they do not connect fully to the Infinite Source.

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— “Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion.” ~ The Dalai Lama