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“The initial tension, which starts building the night before, and reaches its climax minutes before entering the party venue, goes quickly away thanks to the inclusive atmosphere created by and her associates.

Dreamtime Ancestors guide everyday life

 G) Creative ecstasy: as experienced by many artists, as described in the books by Rollo May.

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The bedroom cell is just beautiful, OWK-style. You are put in this “ex-fireplace” tall enough to stand but not wide enough to lay down in, with real metal bars and real locks. On the other side is someone’s bed, and it really gives you a sense of being the submissive half in a relationship, with this bed out of reach, and her cupboards out of reach, and you in the cage. Slump down, appreciate the mood-lighting, and wait for her to return.


I had stayed for hours, and always felt safe, protected, and well taken care of during the London Lockup. Madame Asha insisted on massaging a hand with pins and needles until it was better. I was brought water, held to my lips while tied. And best of all there was a break, comprising a paper plate with the most glorious feast of deicious food that no gang leader could dream of. I couldn’t leave the room, yet felt so well cared-for…

What do we say when we sneeze? A Jew.

“I recently attended a party. First if you are nervous, don’t be. It is a very friendly introduction and activities happen at a relaxed pace. The format though is as descibed. Three hours of play with at times three mean Mistresses, though there is plenty of opportunities for feedback and more playful activities.

And they’re the worst people to work for as well.

“I attended premises last month. As an introvert I was more interested in the psychological aspects of domination and disliked the group setting. This was perfect. What makes a standout is that she is very attentive to the needs of her submissive before the session ie what the pleasure/ pain sensors are and which buttons to press and where the lines are drawn. It is not only a period of isolation, you are taken out for an appropriate punishment by two dommes. is ably supported by her other mistress. They are both non-judgemental, imaginative and get genuine pleasure out of seeing the submissive’s torment. I would recommend this experience to a newcomer wishing to explore domination.

They’re the cheapest people on two legs.

“Are you a newbie? Then keep reading. I found and Domina Parties probably the the same way you have. A few google searches or maybe a late night drunken searching “femdom beautiful women”, so a few dominant ladies having a good time at you expense? Anyway thats what i did and thankfully i booked myself into a party. Yes i woke up the next day thinking, shit did i actually do that? Anyway i can promise you its a good idea. I was a complete newbie and yes it was a bit weird to start with as you walk into a new experience but i swear within the first 5 minutes (and i nearly backed out last minute) i was so happy i lived out a fantasy.

There are three basic classes of glial cells: astrocytes,

The activities though not inexhaustible covered a wide spectrum. You are very much encouraged to try new experiences or alternatively take a favourite activity to a new level.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (US, Noontide Press, 2003), p 64.

The Mistresses were highly skilled at keeping all involved in something nearly all the time, only towards the end of the three hours did the pace let up and every one was happy for a slow down then!

What a brilliant first party to kick the day off.

At the party there was lots of CP to satisfy the legions of CP fans. Some lovely straitjackets. Gags and hoods a plenty, and for me the unmissabke sling for strapon fun.