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One person told me he thought that being reasonable was "making thingsmake sense"; i.e., that "something is reasonable when it makes sense."That, I believe, is a step in the right direction. Perhaps it needs tobe added that what needs to make sense is ALL the available relevant information,and that ignoring relevant information is not the same thing as makingsense out of it. However, the notion of making sense out of things is perhapsvague, and I would like to suggest another way of looking at what it isto be reasonable. I think that every high school and every college studentneeds to be taught what reasoning is and what it means to be reasonable.I offer the following as such a description. I believe it applies to alldisciplines. At the end of this essay, there isan , with commentary, of a position thatis meant to be logical and reasonable stated in a fully explicit mannerto show the various reasoning steps.

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This study and others like it show that you have more control over how other people see you than you may have thought. What makes you attractive as a person is the effort that you put into your appearance and your attitude. Putting forth that sense of confidence, friendliness and social ease can make all the difference in the world. Here are a few easy and practical tips to think about:

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One can never know ahead of time what someoneelse listening to or reading your arguments will challenge, so the bestcourse is normally to be as explicit and complete as time or space allows,and then to answer any unanticipated objection as it is given. In highschool and college courses, the general problem is that students haven'thad sufficient experience being challenged in their ideas for them to knowwhen they are not being clear or complete enough. Students tend to and teachers often grade work without givingthe student a chance to respond to the teacher's objections. Spelling outone's position in the following manner helps prevent that because it requiresone to be able to examine each reason to see how it is specifically used,and to see whether it makes sense, whether it can be supported or not,or whether it needs a modification.

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