I believe in how my religion makes me feel

Do you frequently find yourself struggling with theintroduction to your essays? Do you not know how to begin theessay? Do you find yourself searching for a generalizingstatement that will get things going, and trying to find adelicate balance between BS'ing and saying somethingmeaningful? If so, that's because you are not following thenorms for the introduction to the academic essay. Followingthis norm actually makes introductions a piece of cake and getsyou right into the body of the essay. Here is the norm:

I believe in my religion and how it makes me feel proud

 It makes me feel safe and secure

It makes me believe everything happens for a good reason

IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the main reasons that the normof the Introduction developed this way is because of an importantrule of the Academic Essay: Avoid making statements thatyou cannot prove. The problem with thegeneralizing/philosophical/BS'ing statements like "Hemingway..."and "The Western..." is that they cannot be proventhrough reasoned discourse. Moreover, to even try and do sowould require voluminous amounts of discourse for something thatis not even your thesis: what you actually ARE setting out toprove. As a result, the genre of the Academic Essay hasevolved into the above norm. It still meets anintroduction's purpose of orienting the reader, it just does soin a very specific manner.

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It stops me from getting irritated—God makes everything happen for a reason

what makes me happy ? O_o | The Composition of Happiness

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It makes me feel safe

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I believe in the things that make me smile. Christmas lights around a window. Drawings that are not perfect but make the artist proud. Songs that do not need dance moves or backup singers, but can bring the listener to tears or create the goofiest grin. Stupid pictures with a best friend. Books that feel like reality. Black marker on white paper. Warm tea. Soft pillows. Late night phone calls. Things like these make me smile.

It makes me think positively

I believe in how my religion makes me feel

I believe in the things that make me smile. Whether it is my wonderful boyfriend, a hug from my best friends, or a beautiful picture, I believe that what makes me smile will save me. When one part of my life can make me smile, the other parts get easier to handle. Like school, for instance. I am not one to walk the school hallways with a smile on my face; I keep my head down or turned away from everyone. It is only this year that I am attempting to break this habit. People say that a smile is contagious, and someone smiling at me does in fact make me smile, so I tend to look for my friends and earn a smile in the hall.

In addition to these, I am getting “school makes me feel good about me” and “school makes me feel good about me essay”.

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A banal thesis statement is a statement that does notreally say anything–it is in fact meaningless because it iseither so overly general or so evident as to not be ofsignificance. Here's an example from literature. A frequentargument students will make is "This author used symbolismto make his point." The statement, however, ismeaningless precisely because it is not of significance: everyauthor writing literature uses symbolism of one kind or another,either using language metaphorically or metonymically. Thus, toattempt to single out or make a distinction of a piece for using"symbolism" is to not say anything that even needsproving to begin with.