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For a while PIRA appeared to resopond to this and limited it's attacks to things like railway signals etc. Although this created mayhem, and caused considerable disruption to peoples lives, they where atleast still alive to complain about it.

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Well, ok, if I must explain. Theo Van Gogh was a Dutch filmaker. He routinely insulted Christians, Muslims, and Jews, among other. However, only the Islamicists found this to be grounds for multiple gunshot wounds, a slit throat, and bodily mutilation. He was Dutch. He was not an American. Do. You. Understand. Now. ?

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Here's another way to look at your contention that because the Islamicists hate us the mostest, we must be baaaaaaad. The Nazis bombed London, but not Paris. Why?

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"The only thing we have to fear is Fear itself."

Well said, Bruce! I believe the only way to effectively fight terrorism (that is, combat it, without creating MORE terrorism than was there when you started):

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The United States and England are the biggest terrist. They taught the world. The Islamic group want Bush and Blair out the way. The United States and England people is not in harm way just their government. Tgey to create a white democracy which is control by them. Islam is a democracy in its right. Islam is a perfect religion, but when others interfere it cause problems. The western world and Europe want drugs to brought from Islam Nation. Asia,and Afric to corrupt the world. Islamic, Asia, Africa Society see it and the way to make money. The Queen of England need to open her eyes and fire Blair because of the war. Bush is a big ass and smell like a shit ass. Rice is a yes lady of the new slave platation, and the rest os staff is ignorant political leaders Bush being lead by an ass hole. Russia, Germany, France and European countries can have peace without England, and the United States. Japan with other Asians countries can be leader for peace. Korean believe the United and Islamic countries believe the United States with England don't the power to the only nation with Nuclear war heads or Nuclear energy. Isreal is to bethe power over Islam Countries with the US. and England. Islam not Gods chosen few. All man kin kind is Gods chosen people. The United States used the first Nuclear Bomd (Atom) on a small country. The US. don't want or beleve in peace. The US. were in wars since this country became a nation. This country was taken from indian by England the mother country of the US. Terrious are England and the United States. Islam is part of society no matter the US. and England don't it to be.

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The most egregious effect of poor risk assessment is that we end up spending far too much money for so little gain. As a conservative and a businessman, that is something untenable.

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And we're doing exactly what the terrorists want.

The "Fight" Response Mode: In the "fight" mode, the body and mind prepare to deal with danger by becoming hypervigilant to cues of potential violence, resulting in an exaggerated startle response. The automatic nervous system becomes operational and the individual becomes more focused on the single task of self defense. This impairs concentration and causes physiological responses usually associated with high anxiety. In serious cases, fearfulness and panic disorders are present and phobic disorders may also result. Irritability and crying are typical symptoms of this stage.

Compare and evaluate four very different styles of leadership with this fun team task.

And we're doing exactly what the terrorists want.

1539, from M.L. anarchia, from Gk. anarkhia "lack of a leader," noun of state from anarkhos "rulerless," from an- "without" + arkhos "leader." Anarchist (1678) got a boost into modernity from the French Revolution. Anarcho-syndicalism is first recorded 1913.

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"Or to equate travel inconveniences with ... er ... death?"

almost every attack was against americans, or their allies, but mainly americans. Why? because america is sticking it's nose in everything, and now facing the repercussions of it. It is american policy that made this world into a terrorzone, and a place of war.