Can you use subheadings in essays Can you use subheadings in essays.

and Justice."

(Commentary of December 23rd, 2001 -- "Extraordinary Times.")

(As a subheading in blupete's essay, "Economic Terms.")

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Using headings and subheadings in an essay.

For quite a while I was loath to use subheadings in an academic essay, ...

Essay subheadings | help with a thesis statement Essay subheadings.

is short, does not convey extra importance and the Spec indeed mentions it can be used as an article ‘lede’ (which is not exactly the same as a subheading, but close enough)

MLA Style of Essay Titles, Headings and Subheadings Format.

The only other practical benefit of a separate subheading element I can then think of is that of SEO but then there might be better alternatives such as microdata (or not caring and focusing on people over robots ;).

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Oh thank heavens, something is in the works. The issue is extremely bothersome in practice. While it appears that HTML does provide plenty of element options that can be used depending on which is most appropriate, I am finding that the lack of consistency is an enormous time consumer. I can write an entire document in the time it takes me to decide which element is most appropriate for a subheading on a particular heading. Then I also have to write a rule for it in CSS when it comes out weird. That rule won’t apply to many other elements in most cases, as THIS time the structure called for an ! I’ve come to the conclusion that 75% of headings will need to have subheadings, and I may jump out the window if I have to keep stopping at every heading element to decide how I can hack a subheading into it without upsetting Mother Semantics.

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Isn’t inline content to be read as a single continuous sentence, making it inappropriate for marking up subtitles (where a stronger separation between heading and subheading would be better suited)?

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each sub-heading can be treated as a mini essay itself with its own introduction, ...

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Data about a species’ decline rate, population size, area of geographic distribution, and amount of fragmentation in population are used to identify what classification level a species is in....

Using subheadings in an essay.

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On a separate matter, I think it would be helpful if, like the h[1-6] elements, the subline had a content model of “phrasing content or the subline element” which would allow subline elements to be nested to any depth. hgroup allowed multiple levels of subheading and this would allow something equivalent.

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While I accept the argument that it was necessary to get rid of hgroup, it’s unfortunate that it’s been done without coming up with a decent replacement for some real-world cases. None of the suggested replacements really seem to do what is necessary, and nesting of whatever other elements within the h1 to force the appearance of the subtitle is at best inelegant.