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The Esoteric takes all the sonic strengths of the Oracle, CD 7 and Krell SACD and combines them into one superb package. All the positive attributes of the Oracle (superb balance, midrange realism, overall transparency ) and the ARC (huge soundstage, exciting rendering of initial transients) and the Krell (wide dynamics, deep, impactful bass) are amalgamated by the Esoteric to produce the finest digital reproducer selling for under $10,000. The only area where another player, in the aforementioned list, still manages a slight level of superiority over the Esoteric, is the Oracle in the midrange, where its reproduction exhibits a tad more complete rendering of harmonics.

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Admittedly, based on this single experiment, albeit tightly controlled and in a high resolution audio system, with 3 very acute listeners, the conclusion to be drawn is that it must not be assumed that computer based digital reproduction is inherently superior to transports. The test, at the very least, demonstrates that more controlled testing is necessary before definitive conclusions may be made. The test does demonstrate that simply because a server, or a computer, is your method of choice, do not assume that a CD transport must be inferior. Start listening and comparing with your own ears.

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The connection from the server to the DAC was optimized by manufacturer of the server for AES/EBU connection. The same connection was used for the Transport to DAC. The manufacturer of the server was very aware that this was going to be a shoot-out to determine the best sound. He did everything in the building of his unit, and in the ripping of the music, to ensure the highest fidelity: Non compressed wav files. However, not the identical cable, since the cable from the server to the DAC was hardwired from the server. The exact audio show can also not be mentioned, because it may help identify the server.

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Jon Benet-Ramsey. Self explanatory.

I, on my own this time, have since then listened to the other famous RCA "Shaded Dogs" also reissued on SACD (by BMG), "Pines of Rome", "Scheherazade" etc, and the results were the same as with the "Pictures"; good vs. outstanding. In short- No SACD reissue I've heard can equal a good analogue reissue, at least with an original analogue recording. However, will this general rule also apply with an original recording? First though, a...

This descent is often called katabasis in Greek mystery religions.

Mockist testers do talk more about avoiding 'trainwrecks' - method chains of style of. Avoiding method chainsis also known as following the Law of Demeter. While method chainsare a smell, the opposite problem of middle men objects bloated withforwarding methods is also a smell. (I've always felt I'd be morecomfortable with the Law of Demeter if it were called the Suggestionof Demeter.)

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For a thorough overview of xunit testing practice, keep aneye out for Gerard Meszaros's forthcoming book (disclaimer: it's in myseries). He also maintains a with the patterns from the book.

These two behaviors imply a couple of tests, these look likepretty conventional JUnit tests.

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My JLTi-modded Oppo BDP-95 digital player sounding 'analogue', is no mean feat (and that is certainly not what I hear from most recordings on it). I have heard no other players which have been able to do this, apart from these modded Oppo BDP-95 and modded BDP-105 players. The difference between these two is interesting. The modded BDP-95 sounds slightly darker and very slightly more expansive, while the modded BDP-105 sounds a tiny bit 'faster' and more incisive, but both can display an uncanny ability to resolve space around voices and reproduce hall ambiance which I only ever expect to hear in a good analogue setup.

Additionalbenefit of using Prescott papers include;

“The Hook”: Getting theReader’s Attention

On a smaller level I noticed that mockist testerstend to ease away from methods that return values, in favor of methodsthat act upon a collecting object. Take the example of the behavior ofgathering information from a group of objects to create a reportstring. A common way to do this is to have the reporting method callstring returning methods on the various objects and assemble theresulting string in a temporary variable. A mockist testerwould be more likely to pass a string buffer into the various objectsand get them to add the various strings to the buffer - treating thestring buffer as a collecting parameter.