If you're downloading JPEG files, you don't need my softwareat all.

- One of the more effective means government officials used in their attempt to eradicate traditional native institutions was to remove children from their families and enroll them in schools run by the government or by religious groups. Carolyn J. Marr , Librarian at the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle, examines the operation of northwestern Indian schools in her essay and even provides a daily schedule from the Cushman Indian School in Tacoma as an example of the degree to which students' lives were regimented. Although training in manual and domestic skills was often valuable, forbidding the use of native languages and strict limitations on visits home came fearfully close to realizing the goal of Richard Henry Pratt, founder of Pennsylvania's Carlisle School, to "Kill the Indian and save the man."

The image has already been processed inside thecamera.

Well, despite the convenience and ubiquity of JPEG, there aresome disadvantages.

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So it's useless to users of otheroperating systems, programmers hoping to design a betterinterpolation algorithm, and historians not yet born in anera when the only Windows machines will be in museums.

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So here is my mission: Write and maintain an ANSI C programthat decodes any raw image from any digital camera on anycomputer running any operating system.

JPEG is a lossy format -- to fit a bigimage into a small file, a lot of information is thrown away.

Could you send me an executable?

The authors of the essays divide this ongoing saga into ancient, historic and contemporary periods. The division between ancient and historic is determined by the year during which a given group first appeared in written records. This varies. If Juan de Fuca's voyage is to be credited, then people living along the strait now bearing his name were first described in 1591, whereas the Nez Perce do not appear in the written record until 1805. What separates historic from contemporary is more difficult to define, but the consensus of opinion appears to be that contemporary history commenced when modern native groups succeeded in re-forming meaningful self governments. In the United States, this generally begins with the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.

Dcraw has also been ported to,,,, and.

Our fascination with the diverse, complex and unique native cultures of the Pacific Northwest is a measure of how satisfying they were to the people who created them. The progress of these ancient cultures was rudely interrupted by contact with the West and the forcible inclusion of their members into the social systems of expanding nation-states. The fact that the inclusion may at times have been directed by a spirit of sincere idealism cannot obscure the reality that it was often cruel and destructive. At the time of the treaties, most Americans assumed the native peoples would vanish like the frontier itself. In most cases, however, neither the people nor their cultures disappeared entirely, and today many are experiencing a revival. This reassertion of identity has led to a salutary change in attitude of many non-Indians who are less likely to perceive native people to be anachronisms, irrelevant or Hollywood stereotypes.

Of course this software is for Windows and Macintosh only,with no source code.

If you don't have the RCS toolkit,.

- Its effects are a focus of the essay on the Makah by Dr. Ann M. Renker who serves as the bilingual education coordinator for the Cape Flattery School District. "One common misunderstanding about the Makah people," she writes, "is that the culture has stayed exactly the same for thousands of years." As it did throughout the Pacific Northwest and, indeed throughout the New World, western trade goods and diseases profoundly changed traditional Makah life and culture. The change continued as invading newcomers forced their beliefs and ways of life upon them, often in the name of progress, ratified by treaty and law and backed up with the threat of force.

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Do not translate "Cannot do X" as "It is impossible to do X".

Last is the black-and-white image in the center. This patch contains the full spectrum of grays from full black to fully-blown paper white, while the curved surfaces have smooth gradations of varying lengths and show how the printer handles gray transition areas with a real image.

My plugin provides a simple dialog box for loading rawfiles into the Gimp.

Dcraw decodes raw photos, not raw files.

So how are we to deal with the information in this collection? Because it is organized as an online resource, it is much easier to access and cross-reference material and to have more facts at hand than before. The authors of the essays have included glossaries to explain uncommon terms and bibliographies to direct readers to other sources of information, and they have also included study questions that teachers may wish to use as they develop curricula in their schools. We would also strongly encourage you to visit tribal centers and reservations with respect and patience and to talk to Native Americans and others familiar with them.