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This is what most of us wants but it is so loosely used and many times the real true meaning becomes confusing, unclear and misleading to certain extent. People are constantly finding quick and easy ways to attain it without being able to sustain it. That is may be the reason why many people enter into a rat race. How many of you agree with my humble view? Worst still, its meaning becomes subjective and everyone is trying to give its meaning at the person’s convenience. Consequently, it seems impossible to accurately measure the level of success. This issue forms our central discussion of this article.

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Take love as an example. You've heard and used that word since you were threeor four years old. Does it mean to you now what it meant to you when you were five? whenyou were ten? when you were fourteen (!)? I'm sure you'll share my certainty that the wordchanges meaning when we marry, when we divorce, when we have children, when we look backat lost parents or spouses or children. The word stays the same, but the meaning keepschanging.

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You may think you understand and agree with me when I say, "We all wantsuccess." But surely we don't all want the same things. Success means differentthings to each of us, and you can't be sure of what I mean by that abstract term. On theother hand, if I say "I want a gold Rolex on my wrist and a Mercedes in mydriveway," you know exactly what I mean (and you know whether you want the samethings or different things). Can you see that concrete terms are clearer and moreinteresting than abstract terms?

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