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Associate Professor of Literacy EducationNewark, Delaware

Students will need their language-building hard hats as they construct words using onset and rime, building vocabulary and phonics comprehension.

Title 1 Reading TeacherMcDonough, Georgia

Our current global population is 7.2 billion and growing. (1) Earth’s total resources are only good for 2 billion people at the current demand. Let’s do the math, and it is obvious that the result is a negative.

Tons of resources extracted from Earth

Percent of men that are infertile

'Varying sentence types' is a worksheet containing a range of different sentence types which then need to be matched with the correct description of that type of sentence. The aim is to help pupils understand different types of sentence and when they might be used. Download as a Word document.

in the western world, right now

The 'Connectives phrase bank' is a one-page document containing a range of different connectives that a writer might use. Download as a Word document.

Number of boys born with deformed genitals

'Varying sentence openings' is a worksheet for pupils to fill in to help them consider how grammar can be used differently in an opening sentence and the impact this has on the reader. Download 'Varying sentence openings' as a Word document.

Number of man-made chemicals on the market

'Teaching English Creatively' is a 25-page document written by Pie Corbett. It is a key Talk4Writing resource in which Pie explains what is important when teaching English and also suggests a range of activities for teachers to use in the classroom. Download as a Word document.

What are the top 3 natural resources being depleted and what are the consequences?

TheWorldCountsis all about uncovering factsthat willblow your mind.

The connectives actions sheet is a one-page document with pictures of Pie demonstrating the suggested Talk for Writing actions for the key connectives. Download as a Word document.

Causes: Urbanization, Illegal logging, Agriculture, Subsistence Farming.

Read more aboutoverviewand follow our live facts and statistics

This is a downloadable Word document to be used as a guide for teachers on how to encourage pupils to write in a way that would 'hook' a reader. Click here to download the 'Hook you reader' toolkit.

The world is full of challenges. And the first step to change is to become aware!

Number of chemicals tested for 'cocktail effects'

The Tree Giant is a one-page story written by Pie Corbett to demonstrate an example of a 'recount' or 'information report'. This resource could be used as a starting point for non-fiction report writing when combined with the Talk for Writing approach. Download 'The Tree Giant' as a Word document.