She is a thin and awkward girl.

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Her mother notes "good looks passedher by" (88).

On the other hand, Dee is an attractivewoman.

Dee takes pride in the her appearance.

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She dresses in fashionableclothes.

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Her mother describes Dee as having, "nice hair and a full figure"(87).

Dee wants the quilts for more materialistic reasons.

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She considersthe quilts "priceless" (91).

This is thecase of Maggie and Dee, the two sisters in Alice Walker's "Everyday Use."Although the girls were raised by the same woman, in the same home, theirsimilarities end here.

Maggie is nervousand intimidated by Dee, who is bold and selfish.

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When Dee arrives for her visit, her mother says, "Even her feetwere always neat-looking" (88).

Dee does not seem to care that her family is still using the churn.

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When Maggie is first introducedin the story, she is nervous about her sister’s visit.

The quiltsare meant to be used and appreciated everyday.

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Maggie is also intimidated by Dee, as shown when Maggie isunable to confront Dee about the quilts.

Goingoff to college has brought Dee a new awareness of her heritage.

She returnswearing ethnic clothing and has changed her name to "Wangero." She explainsto her mother and Maggie that changing her name is the way to disassociateherself from "the people who oppress [her]'?