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Du Bois' discovery of racial difference explain what he describes in "double-consciousness?" Consider that what the young Du Bois was explaining was how it felt to discover that he was not included because of his color.

not that men are ignorant,—what is Truth?

And you are constantly reminded that everyone else is better than you.

Double consciousness comes in much later in a child's life.

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Nay, but that men know so little of men.

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Du Bois Tells It Like It Is in 1903This essay is based on James Faraganis' .

Why would there be such an exclusion?

Unstated assumptions about the speaking of standard English in school operate to the disadvantage of children who speak a different first language, even when that language is English, but mixed with, and/or specific to dialect from other languages or regions.

These are powerful tools of oppression.

An explanation of how such unstated assumptions harm those against whom they are applied "out-of-awareness" The assumption that only "standard English" is correct and worthy of respect creates a status difference in speaking style and grammar that harms those who are not privileged to speak "standard English" as their native language.

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It would be good to read that whole passage in Farganis' readings, if the text is available to you, or on in the first couple of paragraphs of Chapter 1 of the .

The child is then made aware that he/she is stupid or dumb by peers and ridiculed by teachers.

This is truly an example of interdependence.

We decide that it "sounds like," and then we repeat until the infant responds even more closely to a sound like the word we've decided the infant is saying.

These experiences turn children of many different cultures and races away from learning.

Du Bois in Faraganis, Chapter 7, pp.

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He later did get to Harvard where he was the first Black to earn a Ph.D.

I would like you to think of particularly as you read this.

Adversarialism is that approach we have nurtured that sees all of us as alone against the others, that approach that says "I must win," "I must be the best," and ignores the fact that humans are social animals whose cooperative sharing is what produces family, tribe, neighbrhood, city, global community.