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Especially with regard to history, it can sometimes be clearer to see the double intersecting cones extended over time, so that they become a chain rather than an isolated unit. This can appear to minimise the cyclical nature of the interaction, but can be helpful in disentangling the various cycles in operation at any one time (see ).


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"The Second Coming" is all the more disturbing considering that so much of what the poem foreshadows in general terms can be argued to have been fulfilled by specific historical events of the nearly 90 years since the poem was written.

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The precise nature of that impending revelation is unknowable, but the sequence of images which passes through the speaker's mind at the thought of "the Second Coming" being "at hand" (10) suggests that whatever is coming will not be bringing peace and contentment.

The poem, “The second coming”, successfully describes the emotion felt by a person or persons during times of war, anarchy and even defeat.

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To understand the meaning of William Butler Yeats poem “The Second Coming”, you must first understand the difference between Christianity and Paganism.

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In addition to the war, Eliot and Yeats also saw the continuing turmoil in Europe, such as the Russian Revolution and the Irish Rebellions, as confirmation of their fear of man's nature and expanded their disillusionment in "The Waste Land" and "The Second Coming." The poets shared more than a disbelief in th...

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For diagrammatic ease, the gyres are usually integrated into cones in , and represented on the page as triangles. This serves very little purpose beyond simplifying the tangle of lines which would otherwise dominate any of the diagrams, and making the delineation of the movements clearer (see the ). The intersecting triangles can come to appear as some esoteric form of slide-rule, if it is not remembered that these represent a three-dimensional shape, which itself represents a four-dimensional system, which is in constant movement.

Poet William Yeats, has written,


Yeats's creative eclecticism, blending the morning's conversation with philosophical abstractions, makes the notion of one and only one source for any image implausible: see Frank O'Connor's comments on the genesis of "Lapis Lazuli," for example (211-22)....

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Robartes/Yeats compares the inevitable pattern of this movement to the growth of a plant or animal, each species having its own variation of the fundamental paradigm, and each individual within a species being affected by its resources and circumstances, and he compares the paradigm to the laws of genetic inheritance discovered by Gregor Mendel.

Eliot's The Wasteland and William Butler Yeats' The Second Coming World War One fundamentally changed Europeans perspective on man.

The second stanza, on the other hand, is full of Yeats' prophecies

The two diagrams represent the same idea, of two interacting principles which increase and decrease in a reciprocal relationship with each other. There are no fixed stages and the change is gradual rather than discrete, however once the cycle is applied to human life, death and birth mark radical changes of state for the human soul, and it becomes both natural and necessary to mark these divisions, which Yeats takes as the twenty-eight stages symbolised by the Phases of the Moon (see ). Even within history, where the transitions are not marked and are clearly gradual, the Phases provide a useful notation to show the point that the cycle has reached, so that they are maintained, or adapted to a twelvefold scheme (see the ).