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Laughlin wrote, directed and starred in the "Billy Jack" series of films in the 1970s. Ironically, some of those films featured martial arts violence and even violence against women, movie themes he decries in his essay. In his essay he argues that Hollywood has lost its way and that it no longer produces what American audiences want. He said 93 of every 100 films produced by Hollywood loses money in American theaters. The real money is made in foreign markets and in video and other ancillary markets, such as product placement fees. Action movies translate easily into foreign markets because there is minimal dialogue and character development. Laughlin writes: "studio heads pander to producing films that pander to the lowest and most base among the weakest and the most vulnerable among us, and have turned our industry from the sacred art of filmmaking into a business that poisons and destroys children for profit."

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Consider, however, political demonstrations, like anti-WTO protests or demonstrations at political conventions. These kinds of movements normally consist of 95% people just expressing their freedom of speech, 4% or so who might engage in nonviolent civil disobedience, and 1% people who might be up to some more serious vandalism. What you do (if you're are a Nixon-like control freak who wants to keep the unruly mobs away from the boss) is to use the 1% as a justification to turn on your son-of-total-information-awareness system, then use the calling patterns to identify the leaders of the movement. A few days before the convention, WTO meeting, or whatever, the leaders are all swept off the streets. The bus companies they hired to bring activists to the convention get served with orders not to supply busses to the alleged criminals.

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Although through feminism and the women's liberation movement, there has been a slight improvement in the incidences of violence against women, there has also been a drastic change in the perception of the issue by society.

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Children who constantly view violence can become scared of their world. These fears can escalate and become unreal and unnatural. It is always smart to be aware of the world around you, but to fear everything creates a very negative situation. Children are impacted with fear by watching violent movies and playing violent games.

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Too much sexual and violent content is not healthy for kids and adults as it leads to quick addictions to harmful vices. There is the need to regulate the amount of such content. Young adults do not always understand the difference between fiction and reality. Whatever they watch on television and movies could easily shape their behavior and general attitudes in real life. Eventually, violence in media content could cause aggression, fear, desensitization, and anti-social characteristics in their behaviors. A lot of sexual content exposure to children and even adults may result in irresponsible sexual activities and negatively influence the male-female relationships.

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In conclusion, the government should restrict the consumption of extreme sexual and violent scenes on television and movies. Parents and guardians should also directly monitor what children watch. A limit to the time that the children should spend on movies and television should also be a consideration. Helping children understand rated television programs and movies is important for them to develop a realistic approach to the roles of sex and violence in the society. Media in itself cannot be restricted, but adult consumers should exercise self-control to protect themselves and children from the harmful effects of unhealthy media content.