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While I liked the film very much, for the reasons Shaviro states, I wanted to add one more criticism to go along with the remarks about the absence of any mention about Capital and how the demonic appearance and voice of John Hurt actually further buries the former omission. The government’s killing of 80,000 of its own to galvanize unity by means of fear is wonderful fodder to a growing conspiracy movement in this country that 9/ll was rigged by Bush and his boys.
I find this to be such an impoverishment of thought (here evil intentions replace an analysis of global capital and the effects of colonization) and a symptom of impotence for well meaning ‘radicals’ (here the passage to the act consistently forecloses the lacanian act).

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Sorry that’s all I can muster right now, I must get back to watching TV.

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This issue of authorization is of course an old one in political theory–Rousseau worries with the kind of transformation necessary for the social compact as he imagines it to function; it requires the ‘legislator’ to enact it and of course those upon whom he enacts it are different from those his enactment produces.

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I figured that what was sticking for you was ‘authorization.’ I read Zizek as emphasizing that revolution (as well as the outcome of analysis) cannot be authorized in advance–precisely because the destitute subject is not the same as the subject who went into the process/was a victim of it in the first place. And this seems important for politics as we acknowledge that the outcomes of political engagements change those who undertake them in ways we cannot predict and that the more extreme the engagement the potentially more dramatic the change.

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What an amazing and interesting conversation. I have recently posted my thoughts on the film on my blogsite, thank you for all the conversation, and the introduction of new terms that i now need to read up on.

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You say you look to V to Vendetta and such works as they themselves theorize such issues. It seems to me that what you do is theorize through them and this I find valuable (so I think you are understating the extent of your intervention).

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these are excellent points. Expanding on what I did say in my original posting, I agree about how the face of Power in the film (& the comic) is not the right one: that Blair and Bush both give us “soft” authoritarianism, rather than the hard authoritarianism dramatized by John Hurt’s dictator in the movie — and that this requires other strategies, other ways to think power and opposition, than Moore or the filmmakers provide.

truth, it's getting us to do something about it. The powerfully symbolic film V for Vendetta uses the voice of one anarchist, V, to influence thousands of

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The selection will fill 6,000 square metres and is going to be made over a three month period under the supervision of Jose María Luna, the director of the ‘Fundación Picasso-Museo Casa Natal (the Picasso Foundation and birthplace museum) as well as a curator from the Pompidou Centre in Paris.