The following systems will help keep you organized:

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Consider the following questions:

 In the introduction you will need to do the following things:

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Although this list suggests that there is a simple, linear process to writing such a paper, the actual process of writing a research paper is often a messy and recursive one, so please use this outline as a flexible guide.

Admission standards, application materials, deadlines and more.

Are you ready to take courses from internationally-recognized faculty who want to mentor undergraduate students? Are you ready to get out of the classroom and into internship and research experiences? Are you ready to belong to an awesome campus community? Then you are ready to become a Phoenix. We want to help.

Learn about our admissions requirements, how we review applications, and how you can get started.

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If you have taken the test more than once, it's okay. For admission, we look for your best composite score. Go ahead; when you register for the test, request that we get your scores. You can be confident that we will always look for the scores that give you the best chances for admission.

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As part of the application process, UW-Green Bay requires that you submit your official ACT or SAT scores. These scores often reflect a student's skill level in basic core content areas.

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In addition to your academic background, we value the skills you develop by taking leadership in extracurricular activities, working, and volunteering in your community. In your application, you will have an opportunity to tell us about your involvements; you can start thinking now about how you describe your activities.

Sending in prepared materials from step one and filing your application.

Review all for further information.

Students with unusual talents and interests often find themselves uniquely suited to art scholarships, creative scholarships, and many others that require "special" talents.

If you need assistance in writing your essays, our advisors will be happy to assist you. .

ACT School Code: 4688 SAT School Code: 1859

Applicants who have not graduated from a recognized high school must provide evidence of satisfactory completion of the requirements for a high school equivalency certificate or a diploma from a recognized high school, school system or state department of public instruction based on a Graduation Equivalency Diploma (GED) examination and other established criteria.

We also recommend that you read our helpful hints for completing your application.

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We highly recommend that students send their test scores to UW-Green Bay. Requesting to have your scores sent when you register for the exam will be the best and cheapest way to ensure UW-Green Bay receives your test scores.