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Here are some of the common uses of computers which may help in realizing the role of computers in daily life.

With the development of technology, we find that long gone are the days when we used notebooks to write down our research paper or actually used the library for research.

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Usage of computer in daily life essay

Since the introduction of the first head-mounted displays [1] the landscape of head-worn computers has evolved. With the introduction of Google Glass , Epson Moverio , and other small form-factor devices there is an emergence of Head-Worn Computers (HWC) in recent times. These could be more widely used in the consumer market in the next few years due to their small form factor and wearability. These consumer HWCs have onboard microphones, small capacitive input sensors, and voice recognition for smooth command-based interaction, bringing a new experience of digital information directly to the user. According to Gartner Research, wearable user interfaces in general will reach its plateau of productivity in the next five to ten years ; hence, it is likely that these devices currently mainly available for early adopters will reach the whole market in the next few years.
Of particular interest to the authors is the use of HWCs within everyday contexts, where people are likely to use such technologies for everyday tasks, in everyday environments, on their own, or within social settings. This is often in stark contrast to where HWCs are used. Often such studies take place specifically using applications that are designed for relatively short usage periods (cf. TimeWARP [2]) or in very specific contexts of use where the work practice itself is likely to be quite tolerant, for example, architectural or engineering applications. While social considerations need to be taken into account within such environments the restricted use and/or novelty factor of such experiences can negate some longer-term concerns about acceptance. Indeed longer-term acceptance is often not something that can be grasped within such relatively short studies.
The goal of this work is therefore to provide a detailed picture of how users are using HWCs nowadays. More explicitly, we studied when, where, why, and how people interact with HWCs. We investigated what these devices are used for and how they support users in their daily life. Additionally, we explored the location of use and studied contextual factors, which influence device usage. Our research employed the combination of a survey, interviews, and a diary study. The investigation took place during May – August 2014 with participants from North America, Europe, and Asia.

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The primary contribution of this research is an inside view of the early adult’s everyday life research process. Specifically, we focus on students’ blended usage of computer– and human–mediated communication channels for solving information problems and evaluating sources in everyday life.

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Lastly, this study lays the preliminary groundwork for further research in four areas: (1) how to teach and coach college students in finding everyday life information for use in their lives, future workplaces, and for lifelong learning; (2) what role blogs may play as networked information grounds in college students’ daily lives; (3) what the relationship may be among search engine usage, decision–making, and associated risk; and, (4) the usefulness of a Web content evaluation theory for describing how students size up Web content during everyday life research.

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I started using computer back in 2001, since then it is my best friend (you can say that). It has helped me to complete zillions of assignments, presentations, and many other tasks. I got my first internet connection in 2005 and my computer usage increased to 8-10 hours a day. I started my online business, so it become my bread and butter too. Computer and internet has truly changed my life.

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