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An admissions decision is based on the "whole person" concept where everything that you submit in the application process is reviewed and used to make a final decision. This includes the following:

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The requires that the following must be submitted:

Both the essay and resume are optional and not required for admission to ERAU, but will help much more within the admissions process or obtaining scholarships.

Visit our Prescott Campus admissions pages for more.

The admissions process is the same except in the case that if you have over 30 credits at another institution, we will not require that you take the ACT or SAT or that you turn in any high school transcripts. Most admissions decisions can be based on the level of classes you take for English and Math.

Once all documents have been received, an admissions decision can be made.

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Extracurricular activities will not compensate for low grades or weak course schedules. We offer tentative admission based on your sixth or seventh semester transcripts and your planned senior schedule. Final admission is granted only after we have received transcripts verifying successful completion of all admission requirements and your graduation.

SPOILER: college is crazy-expensive

More than 65 percent of UO students receive , , or both. File the (FAFSA) online and list the University of Oregon (school code 003223) so we'll receive your information. Submit the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1. The UO’s priority deadline is March 1.

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You are free to choose either the Common Application or the UO Application—the requirements are the same, and your application will be treated no differently regardless of which option you choose.

In order to apply at the University, students applying from High School must have had:

January 15: Fall term 2018 admission deadline

In most cases, ERAU does its best to transfer as many credits into the University as possible. Credits will only be transferred if they are deemed by our Records Office and faculty as equivalent classes required for degree completion. This includes open electives.

ERAU does not have required minimums at this time. Below are the averages for an accepted student.

higher GPA for students who live on campus their first year

Please see our to see if your school has an available online transfer guide. If you are unable to find your school, call the admissions office to see if a paper version is available for you school or if you would like to create a Transfer Admissions Agreement (TAA).

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We award merit-based scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $110,000. Applying for most UO awards is automatic provided you meet the January 15 admission application deadline. However, , , and require supplemental applications and selection is competitive. Up-to-date scholarship information, criteria, and award amounts are available from the .