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The proliferation of Jewish stories and positive portrayals of Jewish characters in Hollywood movies (see discussion in "Patterns of Bias: Movies Mirror Their Makers" and "Favored Themes and Motion Picture Propaganda") may also reflect a widespread cultural inferiority complex in many persons of Jewish heritage resulting in a heightened drive to tell their stories, to elevate their heroes and to generally portray Jewish characters in film in a positive light. Unfortunately, the flip side of such activities may be viewed by some as a reflection of a communal feeling of cultural superiority, since for every Jewish story and positive portrayal of a Jewish character that appears in Hollywood movies, the story or positive portrayal of some other cultural, ethnic, religious, racial or regional group has been displaced (i.e., the people who control Hollywood--the small group of Jewish males of European heritage who are not very religious but very liberal politically--have arbitrarily chosen to tell the stories of their fellow Jews over the stories of others). The implicit assumption underlying that decision is that the stories of these other religious, ethnic, racial, cultural or regional populations are just not as important as the so-called Jewish stories.

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In 1990, "Spike Lee's was " . . . about a jazzman . . . (and about) . . . being so wrapped up in your career that you don't have space for relationships, and you can't see where you're headed . . . " Also, "[o]ne sideman (in the band) has a white girlfriend, and the others argue the pros and cons of that until he tells them it's none of their business." According to Roger Ebert the purpose of the 1990 film, , was" . . . to isolate, exaggerate, and dramatize the ways in which women are the handmaidens of society in general and men in particular . . . " Ebert suggests that the " . . . movie seems equally angry that women have to have children at all, and that it is hard for them to have children now that men have mucked up the planet with their greedy schemes."

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That same year, (1989), Roger Ebert suggests that Oliver Stone's " . . . an apology for Vietnam uttered by Stone, who fought there, and Ron Kovic, who was paralyzed from the chest down in Vietnam . . . " According to Ebert, the movie is saying that we " . . . do apologize for our mistakes in this country, but we let our artists do it, instead of our politicians." The movie also made the statement that our "military care system (in this country) . . . is hopelessly overburdened." Also, in 1989, one of the themes of (1989) was " . . . the way love means sharing your loved one's dreams."

Bambara’s works are noted for their use of traditional AAE and its support in teaching the overall “lesson” and the underlying message to the public.
Throughout this story and movie, both of the main characters end up learning a very substantial lesson.

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Use italics when typing the titles of long written works, musical compositions, movies, radio and TV series, as well as the names of airplanes, ships, trains, and spacecraft. Only use underlining when you are writing on paper.

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Other movies have changed people's attitudes towards matters of great importance. In the '30s, poet and author Donald Hall claims that the " . . . war horror that filled . . . " his chest after watching in 1937 affected his attitudes toward war for the rest of his life. University of Arizona professor and novelist Terry McMillan writes in her essay for David Rosenberg's book that the film (1939) taught her that " . . . it's okay to be an idealist, that you have to imagine something better and go for it. That you have to believe in something, and it's best to start with yourself and take it from there."

Gaines This book shows us that, even in the face of hopelessness, there is indeed hope, and there is a need to move forward.

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(1992) was " . . . a satire about a whole mind-set, about the anything-goes greed of the 1980s, when decent American values were replaced by the cold cynicism of management experts . . . " The movie argued that " . . . our political process has been debased . . . (and the film showed) . . . the hazards of choosing a political candidate on the basis of his ability to make us feel comfortable." Finally, in 1992, made a statement about the " . . . importance of dreamers with courage enough to go against the mainstream (and about) . . . how fear of the unknown impoverishes society."