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The Illyria Times Look back through Acts 1 & 2 to find examples of:

Unrequited love
Familial love
Love at first sight
Self love
Friendship Homework – First draft of essay:
In ‘Twelfth Night’, how does Shakespeare present different types of love?

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• In 2-3 sentences, reinforce how Twelfth Night is a comedy – and tie the play in to modern pop culture – by explaining the similarity between Twelfth Night and a favorite comedic movie or television show. (Be specific!)

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When the audience knows more than the characters on stage An introduction engages with the key terms in the question and outlines what your argument will be.
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How does Shakespeare present disguise in Twelfth Night?

Intro: In 'Twelfth Night' many characters adopt costumes and alter their personalities - they pretend to be someone they are not.

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Conclusion • In 2-3 sentences, reinforce how Twelfth Night is a comedy ..

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