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How would these relationships be affected if you found out someone was lying to you?

5. Once trust has been broken, what can you do to get it back?

How to Build Trust in a Relationship: 6 Important Tips

In reality, trust-based relationship are the only kinds of  relationships there are.

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A key point I tried to make is that trust is necessary to some degree in all would-be relationships, and some relationships require more than others - and consequently take more time to develop.

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I don't champion the fast rush, nor the insincere manipulative fake, only the recognition that trust must be developed before certain relationships can flourish, and proactive measures to aid this course can be effective.

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Write an essay describing what this society might be like if nobody were trustworthy, if suspicion, dishonesty, and betrayal were the norm, if nobody could be counted on to keep commitments.

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In the video Clarence said "So what if you're in trouble for a little while?" Do you agree or disagree with Clarence's position?

4. How important is trust in your relationships with friends and family?

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Outsourcing IP development prudently requires a stage three trust relationship, yet the outsourcer can't get there without traveling through stages one and two, which takes time, perhaps a year or few.

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Think about it this way: When trust is low, in a company or in a relationship, it places a hidden "tax" on every transaction: every communication, every interaction, every strategy, every decision is taxed, bringing speed down and sending costs up.

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Though both parties in a knowledge work outsource relationship stand to gain, and therefor bear independent responsibility for developing sufficient trust in the relationship, we'll look only at a sampling of the supplier side here.

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However, you can always have extraordinary influence on your starting points: Self-Trust (the confidence you have in yourself -- in your ability to set and achieve goals, to keep commitments, to walk your talk, and also with your ability to inspire trust in others) and Relationship Trust (how to establish and increase the trust accounts we have with others).