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Where training is identified as an appropriate solution or as part of the solution, we then recommend that you work through a Training Needs Analysis questionnaire with the appropriate stakeholders. This will give you the information you need to move to the training program design phase.


An analysis of the business needs or other reasons the training is desired.

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The training needs assessment is best conducted up front, before training solutions are budgeted, designed and delivered. The output of the needs analysis will be a document that specifies why, what, who, when, where and how. More specifically, the document will need to answer these questions:

Training and Development: Needs Analysis

There are so many ways for conducting a Training Needs Analysis, depending on your situation. One size does not fit all. Is the purpose of the needs assessment to:

Sample pages from our completed Training Needs Analysis interview form.

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The easiest way to create theneeds analysis is to simply list the needs as they are identified. You may wantto break the needs down by categorical attributes or characteristics fororganization and critical analysis. Once the list has been completed, identifythe type of exercise that addresses the need. For instance, if ground basedpower in the sagittal plane is required, as it will be in many sports, thanaccelerated hip extension will be used to enhance this performance quality. Nextto each need simply record the general remedy. Remedies can either be veryspecific or more generalized. Either way,once the remedy is identified the decision of how it will it be implemented isthe next step. Using the same example, powerful hip extension can beaccomplished by Olympic lifts and both slow and high speed plyometrics. Therefore,some decisions must be made to best select the exercises that are appropriatefor the individual. If the athlete has never completed Olympic lifts, thanobviously these are not appropriate yet, but using the plyometrics or teachingassistives may be useful. Identify one or more exercises that fit the need andmove on to the next need.

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Select an organization in the United States. After you have selected an organization develop a training needs analysis (TNA) for the organization that you have chosen. Please provide the information in a table format , and a graph to illustrate the TNA. This TNA only needs to include the following:
1. Information about the organization and its needs regarding the training issue.
2. Determine the group or individuals who will receive the training.
3. Identify the training issue and expected performance, providing a training needs assessment questionnaire.
4. If you are able to gather real data on the organization that you choose then great. If not, be creative and fabricate the results. The goal is to demonstrate an understanding of how a TNA is done effectively.
5. Please provide a graph to help illustrate the information that you will provide.

The training needs assessment survey can also form the basis (benchmark) for determining effectiveness of the training administered.

One type of extensive needs assessment is SWOT analysis

You will find that by implementingthis method a large selection of individual specific exercises will beidentified. Once this has been accomplished, take the exercises and rank themby difficulty and by training cycle appropriateness. For instance, the powercleans may not be used in the first cycle because the athlete needs to possessa baseline level of muscular some endurance and muscle balance before addingloaded power movements. In this case exercises, that better suit the needs ofthe initial phase of training would make more sense. Tailoring the movements toreflect the goal is relatively easy because guidelines already exist.

An effective Training Needs Analysis questionnaire worksheet will cover at least the following areas:

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Your TNA should include the following :· Organizational Analysis· Operational Analysis· Person Analysis 2. Prepare a report outlining the methodology and findings of the TNA. You should focus both on training and non- training needs.

This analysis can also be performed on an organization-wide level by Training and Development managers who survey the organization to identify needs.

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Make a reflective essay on an assignment – Self-Training Needs Analysis and on Comment/feedback of lecturer, using Gibb’s Reflective Cycle (1988): which includes: Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion and Action plan.