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Writing a TOK essay involves several aspects that begin even before the pen meets the paper. The writer needs to understand the topic he/she intends to cover in a theory of knowledge essay, the audience and how to deliver what they intend to say. When dealing with the subject, the author comes up with suitable ideas that present their point of view and relevant evidence to justify their claims. Once a writer has these, they formulate a blueprint that they can use to ensure that the writer effectively organizes all the major points they want to deliver. This blueprint is the outline.

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The essay begins with a coherent introduction which demonstrates some understanding of the question, but is not wholly successful in identifying the scope of the essay. The essay is focused on some interesting, thoughtful and original examples and the candidate manages to analyse these examples from a ToK perspective. The example of Darwin is well formulated and relevant but suggests that the interaction between personal and shared knowledge is not as described in the title. A stronger link in terms of interrogating the title would have been more successful here. The example of Dadaism is effective but is a little lacking in analysis. The example of African sculpture is less effective. The example about Bacon provides a credible counter example. Although the use of examples is excellent the way in which the candidate links to them to knowledge questions is more problematic. Ultimately the candidate has given the reader some excellent examples but has not succeeded in fully unpacking the knowledge questions – too much work is left to the reader. This also detracts slightly from the understanding shown of both the areas of knowledge and associated ways of knowing. This is by no means a very problematic essay but it is one with significant flaws. Hence the use of the global assessment instrument here is a little difficult since arguments are clear and evaluated, it is pertinent and relevant and the examples excellent; unfortunately the recognition of knowledge questions and the understanding of areas of knowledge and ways of knowing is a little less convincing. Overall this is an essay in the level 4 descriptor but at the lower end.

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Writing a well-developed outline for the theory of knowledge essay enables a writer to organize and effectively deliver on the essay. The writer will reflect on each of the parts of the TOK paper and put down only those points, which strengthen the position held by the thesis statement. Outlining helps with transitions from one idea to another making it easy for the author to write his essay and subsequently the readers. It is therefore undeniable that an elaborate outline is the central core of a well-written theory of knowledge essay.

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Theory of knowledge essays encompass a lot of evidence and data. It is important to note down all your sources and cite them appropriately. Completely eliminate the likelihood of plagiarism in your work. Within the TOK paper outline, list various sources against your major points.

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Demonstrate independence and self-awareness while structuring your ideas on the TOK essay. Effectively describe your position, ideas and choice of examples while being aware of any personal biases that you may hold. These factors will affect the choice of main points that you will put down in your outline.

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The interdisciplinary nature of knowledge questions makes it easy to delve into several areas of knowledge. The author must be careful to stick to the topic without providing excess information that may end up taking away from your argument. This should be evident in the TOK essay outline. Only put down the areas that are necessary for your points of discussion.