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May 12, 2017
Florida Cinderella Baby and Charm Girl Pageant – Orlando, Florida
Ages: Infant 0 – 11, Months Baby 12 – 23, Months Tiny Tot 24 – 35. Participants are judged on personal appearance, grooming, pose, personality and stage presence., on smile, on-stage performance and individual characteristics. Cinderella Infant 0 – 11 Months, Cinderella Baby 12 – 23 Months, Cinderella Tiny Tot 24 – 35 Months, Little Prince Charming 0 – 35 Months, Prince Charming 3 – 6 Years Old and Cinderella Tot 3 – 6 Years Old
Ages: Baby|Toddler
Type: Natural

Or maybe just learning to be an excellent speller.

Gatto gets the highest possible rating when he speaks at homeschool conferences...

Can we help? What in the world is the church supposed to be doing?

Can colleges and universities still meet our needs, or will the homeschool revolution even change higher education? Homeschool lessons from those who learned abroad or in unusual settings. No need for homeschoolers to sacrifice sports or fellowship! Finally have a witty retort to all the generic questions you are barraged with as a homeschooling parent. Tinker with more than simple walkie-talkies by getting an amateur radio license! A new Law school that caters to homeschoolers. With the tough new rules about which couses can be legally labeled “AP.’ Can a home-school mom still create and teach an AP course?

Even a 2- or 4-year fully accredited college degree at home.

July 16-21, 2018
2018 Miss Royal Event and Summer Camp – Lakeland, Florida
Join us for the Miss Royal Event- where ROYAL means Real Outstanding Young Achieving Ladies. We teach girls to embrace their confidence and believe every girl is ROYAL in her own way. Your registration fee for the pageant gains you access to the sisterhood, which includes the Summer Camp (teaching you all the skills you need to prepare for the Pageant but also to be successful in life.), mentoring and tutoring for 1 year, VIP Access to all of our events.
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The Future of Homeschooling New challenges await the homeschool movement.

That’s why I force myself to talk to little girls as follows.

This article definitely brings to light an issue in our society today. However, in my experience, I am not sure that this is quite the right response. I think that NOT telling a young girl that she is beautiful at a young age can negatively effect her. It is not a bad thing to want to look beautiful. I also think it’s not a bad thing to want to jump in puddles, have tangled crazy hair, and throw sand in the sandbox.

Some hints on how to trade tinsel for timeless treasures.

Cute little pixie that she is, I do not tell her that she’s cute or pretty or beautiful. The following video (intense in places, but wonderful) is the main reason why.

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When I was a kid my mom decided she didn’t want to ever compliment my appearance, maybe for the same reasons as you, or maybe because she thought it would make me conceited. My mother never once told me I was beautiful. I grew up believing I was ugly. When I was in high school I realized there are some very surefire ways to make boys think I was attractive. I had a lot of trouble because of that.

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And it only takes one day a week.

Good point! Still, I’m a psychologist, and a woman, and I love getting a bit girly, like getting dressed up and stuff – would it not ultimately depend on the personality and preferences of the kid? I never fail to compliment someone on anything about them I find appealing… looks, clothes, manners, nice hands, good taste in lunch choice… I hope we can ultimately just be real with each other and have no rules. Having say that, it was a point well made and I will probably approach the next kiddy encounter a little differently.

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Why not do it for cash? How history used to be taught in U.S.

The funny thing is, my next question for my peers or for those sweet little ones who are so adorable is “So what are you up to?”. We talk about lots of things. The thing is in most of my conversations, dresses and make up and nails are really not the topic of conversation. I have had many conversations with little girls about books, bugs, animals, space, the ocean, singing, art, reading, writing etc.