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This course is about Time Value of Money.
Time Value of Money is an important concept in Financial Management. In Business, Financial Decisions should be taken only after considering the Time Value aspects of Money.
Time Value of Money is based on the concept that money you have today is worth more than the promise or expectation that you will receive in the future.

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Time value analysis has many applications. For example, you use time value of money concepts in valuing stocks and bonds, establishing loan payment schedules, and deciding whether or not to invest in a new plant and/or equipment. As one of the more important topics in finance, time value of money underlies many other concepts covered in this course, so it is very important to not only understand the concept, but also to be able to compute time value of money problems that involve compounding and discounting skills. As you read through the examples in your readings, you might feel this is a very difficult topic. You may have difficulty relating to time value analysis because the context of the problems is presented in a textbook. Learning tends to be richer and long lasting when you can define your own problems and background contexts.

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The time value of money is important to investors in that money in hand today is much valuable than money promised in the future. Money in hand today can be used to make investments, which will earn interests and capital gains. However, money promised in the future is actually worth less today because of inflation. The time value of money can be explained using two areas, which include present value and future value.

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Time Value of Money Essay Sample - Bla Bla Writing

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