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University of Florida freshman Michael Fortini points out that college classes require much more work and studying outside of class. “In high school, I felt as though almost all of the material was covered in class. However, in college, exams are a very big deal and require weeks of preparation—something I never did in high school. My biggest time-management mistake was not studying in advance for my chemistry exam. Like with high school, I thought that I could merely study the night before and do well—that didn’t work out so hot. For the exams that followed, I improved upon this by studying days and weeks ahead of time.”

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Vanderbilt University (TN) senior Brett Hass agrees. “In college, there is an excess of freedom and free time. Instead of being at school for over seven hours a day, one typically has about 15 hours of class a week. Counterintuitively, having so much free time can actually be a problem, since many students need to feel the pressure of a time crunch to be focused. Time management in college requires a lot more self-discipline than in high school.”

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According to Lauren Daas, a junior at Indiana University, the biggest difference between time management from high school to college is the structure you’re offered by others. “In college, your time is truly your time. It’s awesome, but it’s a lot more work. Creating a schedule and holding yourself accountable to it is the most important—but often most difficult—part of college.”

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