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The Tarot Deck is an influential deck of cards that can be scandalous and has a played major role

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Article: The Tower Card - Revelation & Re-Evaluationby Michael StarThe image on The Tower card XVI of the Tarot is eerily similar to the shocking image the world saw on live television October 11, 2001 - a tower in flames and people falling to the ground.

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These images can be viewed when you click on any of the black and whitethumbnails in the Pictorial Key to the Tarot,or in the right-hand frame in the Tarot card reader.

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Currently this includes the color 1909 RWS deck, the greyscale RWS imagesfrom the Pictorial Key, and the Wirth and Marseilles images fromTarot of the Bohemians.

Most recently, in A Cultural History of Tarot ..

See a picture of The Tower Card and Michael's comments on how the meanings of this ancient Tarot card could apply to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers - and its possible significance for Americans and the world as a whole.

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See how you and the people in your life are "flirting with Venus" - unconsciously shifting into "flirt mode" when in the presence of the oppposite sex, or when they "act to attract" something they desire.

See how to interpret the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot, using the images on the cards of theRider-Waite tarot deck.

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You might like the system because it makes it easier to understand the meanings of the Tarot cards - and can also triple the "vocabulary" of the Tarot when compared to not reading reversed cards differently.

Strangely enough,

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The Fairytale Tarot is new from the talented creators of the and the . Drawn in a Central European style, the cards have a Rider-Waite basis and illustrate stories from the well known and to lesser known tales. Rachel Pollack also collaborated with the companion book.

These Tarot card images are unambiguously in the public domain in the United States, and differ only slightlyfrom the US Games Tarot deck.

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This is a simple thing to describe, but it does suggest one very major question – how does it work? How do the cards arrange themselves into a ‘meaningful pattern’? Why should some pieces of cardboard with some pretty pictures on them be able to mysteriously rearrange themselves into an order which tells us about our life and experiences in a detail that often exceeds what we are consciously able to observe?