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Kent, Ohio, May 4 -- Four students at Kent State University, two of them women, were shot to death this afternoon by a volley of National Guard gunfire. At least 8 other students were wounded.

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a) The look in his eyes.b) Killing an old woman in cold blood.c) The dressing of his wounded arm.

Story: Below are two translations of "The Necklace":

It would be difficult to describe the various days spent in the trenches, or the duels that took place there ; but each one threw fresh light upon sniping and showed the enormous extent to which it might be developed. I will make some reference to these days in later chapters.

3. What did you think of the ending?

As I have stated, snipers always worked in pairs, one observing, the other shooting, and soon we found that the notes kept by the observer were invaluable from an Intelligence point of view. If a line was well covered with snipers' posts, nothing could happen in the enemy line without our snipers' observers reporting it—no work could be done, no alteration in the parapet made.

5. What point of view does the author use to tell this story? How do you know?

Examination of a German Prisoner

One day an officer and a corporal were in this post, when the corporal drew the attention of the officer to a single figure moving along the road. By deduction it was that of a German officer, for every now and again he would meet little parties of troops coming along the road in threes and fours, not enough to shoot at.

" That is a nice sight," said I.

" Sir," said the corporal, " the officer stops each lot and kind of seems to inspect them. I expect he is a disciplinarian." The officer smiled.

With Notes on the Scientific Training of Scouts, Observers, and Snipers


The Army possessed an extremely capable aerial photography expert, who soon made his deduction, and as he, of course, possessed the photographs of the entire front line system of the Army, it was not long before he had identified that piece of it which the Germans had copied, and on which they were medi¬tating an attack.

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Colonel Stuart said nothing, so I went on :

Then he was aware of some turnip-tops moving, when all the rest were still. A moment later he had made out the top of Wilibald's head, garlanded with turnip-tops, and the upper part of Wilibald's large German face. This, then, was the explanation of the accurate shooting and the long death-roll. Wili-bald had been firing at short range. Red felt it was almost uncanny. Hitherto, in trench warfare, as far as daylight was concerned, the Huns had seemed to him almost an abstraction, creatures apparent to the sense of hearing certainly, but troglodytes who popped above ground for only a passing moment, and then only to disappear. But this man, not one hundred yards away. . . .


[*] Afterwards Major-General Sir A. Hull, K.C.B.

Some little distance further on he knew a point on the road was registered by our guns. Before the officer came to this he gave the word along the telephone to fire. As the shells approached the Hun officer hurled himself to the ground, from which, after the smoke cleared from a very nice shot, he was not seen to rise. But the chances are he crawled away. If not, the German Army was certainly short of an officer of " push and go."