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Step Three: After you've answered the questions from Step Two, discuss the stability of the “Obama Coalition” and whether or not there were any indicators at the time of a Republican electoral recovery in the near future.

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- A research paper on American Politics discuss the politics in the United States, that is marked by a two-party system; the Democrats and the Republicans.

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Finally, they'll compare both sets of data to determine where the biggest changes in party demographics seems to have occurred and whether or not there has been another realignment, this time in the Republicans' favor.

Democrats were mostly Catholic, German Lutheran and Episcopalian, while the Republicans consisted of Congregationalist, Presbyterian, and Methodist.

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In 2008, the Democratic Party gathered in Denver for its 2008 convention. There, a donkey named Mordecai became the first official live mascot in the history of the party, giving a new meaning to the expression political animal. This Democratic symbol aimed to provide a few light-hearted moments at the convention. But where did the donkey symbol come from and why did the Democrats affiliate themselves with this member of the horse family that is often ridiculed?

- Republican Party Term Paper discusses the history of this party along with the republican party today and how it has differed from the past.

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Thomas Nast was not very fond of the Copperhead Democrats, Northern Democrats who were against the Civil War. The artist considered them anti-Union racists with a great influence in the North. In 1862, Nast joined the staff of Harper’s Weekly. His first cartoon of the Democratic symbol, the donkey, was published in 1870. Hover, in this first illustration, the donkey, branded as the Copperhead Press, was kicking a deal lion remembering of Edwin M. Stanton, Lincoln’s secretary who had just passed away. Nast wanted to emphasize how the Democratic press dishonored Stanton.

– History of the Tea Party Movement research paper overviews how Sarah Palin and Dick Armey helped fuel the Republican movement in America.

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Step Three: After they have answered the questions from Step Two, lead a discussion on the stability of the “Obama Coalition” and whether or not there were any indicators at the time of a Republican electoral recovery in the near future.

- Political Parties Research Paper examines the two major political parties, the Democratic party and Republican party.

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The second appearance of the donkey was in an 1874 cartoon about the Democratic complaints against Republican President, Ulysses S. Grant who was compared to Julius Caesar, a greedy dictator trying to gain power. Nast disagreed with the accusations and illustrated the Democratic press as a donkey dressed in the lion’s skin. The cartoon was titled Third Term Panic and the donkey called Caesarian was scaring other animals. He believed that the media, especially the New York Herald, appeared ferocious, when in fact they were harmless and foolish in their panic.