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And yet, in this book, we are given a spectacularly drool-worthy adult (we mean, who collects pigs anyway?) who, against all odds, turns out to be pretty cool. Despite Lorraine and John's initial impressions, the Pigman becomes an important part of their life, connecting with them in a meaningful way when other adults—like their parents—don't.

Many characters in The Pigman are lonely

Two families have been described particularly in the novel in the main plot.

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After an adequate amount of ideas surface, the teacher should help steer a discussion about the merits and disadvantages of the ideas. For instance, the teacher might say, "Let's use a lot of readings directly from the book; then we will not have to write the whole thing ourselves." The teacher might also say,"If we just read part of the book, how will people know what's going on?Should we use a narrator, perhaps?"

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Once the class has decided on the basic form of the show, it's time to create the script. "What do we want to communicate about through our show?" The discussion should focus on the largest areas of concern, both for producing the show and also for understanding literature. Depending on the sophistication of the students, they can discuss imagery, style, mode, figures of speech, and other more subtle literary aspects. I recommend focusing on five major components: Plot, Setting, Characterization, Theme, and Symbolism.

Hindu rituals, rites and customs have been criticized in the novel at many places.

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Lorraine and John are responsible for the consequences of their actions, even if those consequences are not intended.

When John says that Mr. Pignati had trespassed and paid with his life (15), he's implying that Mr. Pignati is to blame for his own death.

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The theme of fate or destiny is a relatively dominant idea in this novel. The question the author, Paul Zindel, seems to be posing is: How much of life is coincidental, forcing each of us to deal with it as it unfolds and how much of our lives can be blamed upon our active or passive involvement in what goes on around us? Lorraine’s character, for example, is obsessed with all the omens foretelling unhappiness, coming problems, or even death that she missed. She believes that if she had only recognized them as they occurred much of the tragedy she and John experienced would have been avoided. John, on the other hand, is the first to accept the reality that they have created their own heartbreak and now they must deal with the consequences the best they know how. Lorraine eventually understands the truth about destiny as well: we are our own destinies.

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's The Pigman, published in 1968, was one of the first young adult books to gain a wide readership. The was a time of great change and unrest in America. This was the era of the and the . Young people began to question their parents' values and protested America's involvement in the . A popular slogan was "Don't trust anyone over thirty." Some movies of this era, such as (1971) and (1967), like The Pigman, portray "the Establishment," the conservative adult world, as corrupt and ignorant.

The two main characters in The Pigman, high-school students John Conlan and Lorraine Jensen, are profoundly alienated from the adult authority figures in their lives – their parents and teachers. Although they reject the adult world, ironically they become friends with an older man who introduces them to his love of fun and adventure. Critics of the book point to the fact that the main characters are accomplished liars and that they cut school, drink, and smoke (John). Maybe those are some of the reasons why The Pigman was one of the most frequently banned books of the 1990s ().

In the novel, the role that most of the male characters seem to play is dark, evil, and despicable.

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In this essay I am going to write about some of these different countries, and tell how each one is similar and different in showing their Christmas spirit....

The novel shifts between Claudia MacTeer's first person narrative and an omniscient narrator.

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One day during a game of roller skate tag in his house, Mr. Pignati has a heart attack while chasing John up the stairs. He is taken to the hospital, and in his absence John and Lorraine use the house to throw a wild party. Mr. Pignati returns unexpectedly at the height of the commotion. John and Lorraine are taken home by the police; the Pigman cries alone in his room.

This essay will discuss a few of the most important differences between high school and college.

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Who is responsible for Mr. Pignati's death? Lorraine blames John, and, though John feels guilty, he says that Mr. Pignati would have died anyway. This novel asks us to think about who is ultimately responsible for a bad outcome. Can we be responsible for something we didn't consciously cause? Who is most responsible? The person who started the chain of events? The person who made bad decisions that led to the bad outcome? Can responsibility always be determined? At the heart of John and Lorraine's identities is a whole heap of guilt and equal amounts of blame; we watch them grow up as a result of the guilt they feel and of the blame they cast.