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Kenny S. Rich, known simply as Kennyrich, is a passionate author and motivational speaker. An unapologetic nerd, he grew up watching anime, reading comics, playing countless video games (from arcades to consoles), and even moonlighting as a super-powered ninja (in his mind, of course). Since his last failed attempt to “go Super Saiyan,” Kennyrich has given up on embodying fictional characters and has decided he would create them instead. Hence his debut novel series, ‘The One-Eyed King.’

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The essay competition is open to anyone with an interest in the future of health and care in England. You might work in health and care, or be a student of health policy and management, science communication or wider social and political issues. Or you may be a patient or carer who can use your own experience to help explore a future scenario for the NHS.

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Quality of writing – we are looking for a well-structured, clearly articulated essay. Your essay needs to avoid jargon and should deal with complex and nuanced issues in a way that is accessible to a non-expert reader. Take a look at The NHS if… essays published so far. Your essay needs to fit in as a part of this series and be written using a similar style and tone.

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I though the Bennett and Roy essay was silly. They seem to think that digital technology will bring about a revolution in transparency (technological determinism anyone?). Weren't people arguing that the Internet would change everything and we'd all enter a land of milk and honey a decade or two ago? And wasn't that sort of utopian thinking already thoroughly dedunked soon afterwards? What we're getting in practice is transparency for what the little folk do, not for what the big boys do. What changes for the big boys is the need to adapt by developing new forms of surveillance, manipulation, propaganda, and misinformation. It's not a threat; it's an opportunity. And even if you buy into Bennett and Roy's transparency argument, transparency means nothing if there is no accountability. Where's the reform that's resulted from the Snowden revelations? Who went to prison for the atrocities committed by the CIA? Who went to prison for all the financial misdoings that resulted in the 2008 economic crash? (FYI: Krugman answers the latter question: " 2013 the top 25 hedge fund managers took home, on average, almost a billion dollars each.")

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What about retroactively applying new social norms? Out society constantly evolves, if I lack privacy, something completely innocent by today's standards (e.g. wearing blue socks) could end up deeply stigmatized in the future and I will end up retroactively dealing with social consequences of my previous actions. This will happen even if I conform to evolved standards (e.g. no longer wearing blue socks). Lack of privacy is only one aspect, lack of forgetfulness is another aspect.

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By depicting a breakdown in the social hierarchy and a fruitless relationship between man and the gods, William Shakespeare, in his play King Lear, establishes the absence of divine justice in human life, suggesting a minimal, even nonexistent involvement of the gods in human affairs....

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White’s Once and Future King, Wart has the opportunity to experience life as an animal because his tutor, Merlyn the magician, transforms him into many different animals.

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BUT, the majority of wealthy people I know are old money, rather quiet and private especially about their financial affairs. They're more likely to be driving a 10 year old Mercedes E-Class than a brand new S-Class. This is why there is Private banking, Private First Class lounges at airports, etc. Likewise, some religions/churches frown upon conspicuous donations and will make/keep the donation process as private as possible. My own church is this way and won't pass a collection plate.