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Some economists argued that inflation may have helped Germany by stimulating the building of capital plant and the rationalization of industry. But much of this investment proved to have no value except in the dream world of inflation. Most of the inflation combinations fell apart after stabilization. On the whole, much energy and wealth was wasted in unproductive channels--speculation, paperwork and unprofitable equipment. The working capital of industry was largely dissipated, making that much harder the eventual process of economic rebuilding and rationalization.

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Final note: By the end of the 1970's, double-digit inflation had ravaged the American financial landscape. This forecast by Scientific Market Analysis was not only accurate, it was prescient, and the conclusions drawn enduring. Only the very strict monetary policies of the Federal Reserve Bank during the 1980's under chairman Paul Volcker kept the nation from sliding into the hyperinflationary abyss, and those years became a period of relative calm. The profligate fiscal policies of the United States government, however, continued unabated, and after the credit crisis of 2008, the Federal Reserve began openly and unapologetically monetizing the national debt through its quantitative easing program. Since 2008, the overall national debt has grown to enormous proportions and so has the Fed's balance sheet of monetized assets. "On a rolling six-month average, in fact," says Royal Bank of Scotland's Drew Brick, "the Fed is now responsible for monetizing a record 70% of all net supply measured in 10-year equivalents. This represents a reliance on the Fed that is greater than ever before in history!" Hauntingly, as was the case during the early stages of the Nightmare German Inflation, "events seemed to demand the printing of larger and larger issues of currency." Such reliance, as Scientific Market Analysis argues above, cannot end well. MK

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As this report points out, the correlation between deficits and inflation is sacrosanct -- deficits lead to inflation and uncontrolled deficits lead to uncontrolled inflation. Whether or not there will be a Nightmare American Inflation remains to be seen. Let it be said though that the trend is not favorable.

Eurabia and the New Khalifate is growing, absorbing what was left of the old, weak cultures there that once dreamt of a European Union.

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