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Taking a look at Jeffrey Dahmers childhood you will find that at an early age he was a fun and active child who his father described as, "Very exuberant, he liked to wrestle, liked to run around, ham it up for the camera and he liked to play with kids and get together with them" (The Monster Within). These are not characteristics of a serial killer who scientists say are born with this gene of aggressiveness. Dahmer had been a normal child until his father received his Ph. D in chemistry the family moved to Ohio relocating three times before settling down in Bath Ohio. When Dahmer had moved his father and mother noticed that he had become shy and anti-social. Jeffrey then began collecting road kill and dissecting it in experiments.

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Not to say that the aftermath of serial killers is trivial but the real controversy among theorists lies on how and why serial killers take the step from fantasy to reality. We are all made up of tiny individual genes that make up our personality traits defining who and what we are. Many believe that murderers do not grow into the shell of a killer but have predetermined genes that make up the chemical balance of our brain, body, thoughts, ideas, and most importantly actions. "Generally speaking biological factors vis-à-vis the causes of behavior can be defined as those 'processes and conditions that typically are considered as belonging to or characteristic of the organism'" (Jeffrey 78). As Lucy Corin in Everyday Psycho Killers presents, violence and death is apart of whom we are as humans and shows that violence is most prevalent when we are in our youth. Corin relates to the nature of violence in children and desires that we have whether good or bad in our everyday lives. "One girl had grabbed another girl by the front of the shirt through to her bra and flung her against the beam. The girl lay crumpled on the locker room floor, her head bleeding, her eyes saying more and the girl who had flung her stood over the body, hands on hips, with enormous thighs" (Corin 16).

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"Many of them are exceptionally skillful in their presentation of self, so much so that they are beyond suspicions and thus are difficult to apprehend" (Fox 105). Incorrect is the assumption that serial killers wear hockey masks or walk around in pull ups carrying a chain saw. Movies and TV have put an image into our minds that these are the characteristics of a murderer when in reality they are masters at disguising their emotions and thoughts letting them blend into society. Magicians of death, they reel their victims into a false sense of security by many times tricking them with an offer of sex and drugs. Once they have control of their victims they remove their fake personality killing their victim with any weapon that they can find, fulfilling there wants, desires, and impulses.

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Sociologist Arnold Arluke compared the criminal records of one hundred and fifty three animal abusers with one hundred and fifty three non animal abusers and what he found in his study is that those who were animal abusers were five times more likely to commit acts of violence such as assault, rape, and murder against others. What was understood from this study is that serial killers in their childhood would resort to killing animals because they felt powerless against their parents who had control over them. Since these children did not have control in the household, they resorted to killing small animals in which they could exert their dominance and power over to do anything that pleased them (Fox 113).

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Criminologists and social behavioral psychologists have come to argue that "childhood experiences" and "repeated psychological trauma," during the early stages of growing up can cause a child to seek relief through activities of violence such as killing small animals.” Christine Falling was probably about as retarded as this friend of mine. And violent. At fourteen, she'd already been dropping cats from windows for years. Sometimes she'd squeeze them to death" (Corin 149). Much like Dahmer, when his parents began to fight he felt alone and would escape by himself out into the woods to find comfort in the pile of dead carcasses he had collected. Feeling abandoned by not only his parents but classmates he tried to seek attention by those around him by doing what his classmates called a "Dahmer," which was to act up and do things that were out of the norm and socially unacceptable. Unlike his family and classmates the dead carcasses gave him a feeling of comfort, fulfillment, pleasure and emotional release.

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Grover Godwin who profiles serial killers collected data from one hundred and seven serial killers and their seven hundred and twenty eight victims from sources that came from the FBI, local police departments, newspaper reports, and from the Homicide Investigations and Tracking System (HITS) database in Washington State. From Godwins investigation he found that nearly ninety percent of victims were complete strangers to the killer and that only three percent were friends and one percent were that of family members (Fox 105). This explains why serial killers are able to get away with the massacres for so incredibly long. When detectives go to investigate the disappearances of those missing there is no link between the killer and the victim making it practically impossible solve these mysteries. In an identical study by criminologist Eric Hickey, he assembled a database of nearly four hundred serial killers in which he found that eighty four percent of killers were male, twenty percent were of African American descent, and that the first murder committed by a serial killer was at the average age of twenty seven and a half years old (Fox 106). Even in movies these statistics can be found such as Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, and the Saw series in which Hollywood has repeatedly created characters that fit the description of a white male in their mid twenties to thirties creating this stereotypical image of serial killers.