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As I reread my comment and the article I perceive I’m too iconoclastic. Life must go on and intellectual converse that affirms the faith is needed. “Thus in the Cross, and Him who hung upon it, all things meet; all things subserve it, all things need it”. Who can contend with Short’s critique of Gibbon as compared to Newman’s vision of human history?

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Jacobins: An Essay in the New History by C

The Jacobins: An Essay in the New History.

Occasionally the most abusive Spaniards would find themselves being imprisoned for crimes against the natives, but that treatment was reserved for either the most evil of the lot or those with political enemies. The crown-sponsored and investigated the conduct of New World officials such as Cortés. The tribunalsrecorded many allegations and evidence of misdeeds, which historians have used ever since. While such investigations may seem to reflect the Spaniards' “just” nature, and indeed “justice” seemed to be served at times, the were mainly used to trim the power of those posing the greatest threats to Crown authority.

The Jacobins; an essay in the new history in …

Other than the short-lived gold strike on Española, the entire New World business was a disappointment for the Spanish Crown, as not much loot was coming in. The Spanish invasion finally hit pay dirt when Hernan Cortés stole the sent out by Cuba's governor, , in 1519. Cortés conquered the Aztec Empire with a few hundred men. One historian accurately stated that it was a grand tale with everything in it but a hero. Aztecs were vastly more civilized than Spaniards. The center of their empire, Tenochtitlán, was quite possibly the world's most spectacular city: a sparkling, manmade island, sitting in the middle of a vast lake system, in the midst of a majestic valley ringed with mountains and snow-capped volcanoes.

in Chicago, celebrating 400 years of European presence in the New World, with the largest event attendance in world history to that time.

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Quigley claimed that his former tutor, historian Crane Brinton wrote his book (1930) to refute Nesta Webster and that it was initially his PhD dissertation. Both assertions are false. Brinton’s 1930 The Jacobins wasn’t related to his 1923 dissertation at all; his PhD thesis in 1926 with the title Political Ideas of the English Romantics. Furthermore, Brinton hardly wrote The Jacobins to refute Webster. Her name appears only once, in a single sentence. The context in which she’s mentioned, however, is very interesting on many levels. Here’s the entire paragraph, and the one that follows:

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Moreover, certain practices which appear very early in the clubs point to masonic origins. Such as the fraternal embrace with which the presiding officer greets his guests, the universal use of the word “brother” – in the early minutes many of the speakers are referred to as “brother so-and-so” – the admission of the new members by a secret vote with the use of blackballs, and occasionally, the existence of a master of ceremonies. Not infrequently, after the manner of friendly societies the world over, the society delegates two of its members to visit a brother’s sick-bed, and sometimes provision for this is made in the rules. Finally, freemasonry itself dies out with the Revolution, and the lodges are not revived until the Empire (The Jacobins: An Essay in the New History, 2011 edition, Transaction Publishers, pp. 14-15).

The quote that one hears most often trotted out about Newman and history is: “to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant.”

The Jacobins; an essay in the new history

As an advocate for a new constitution, Robespierre joined the new Society of the Friends of the Constitution, which later became known as the “Jacobins”.

The Black Jacobins Essay examples

a new page in the history was started.

European powers were toying with intervention as the American empire threatened to fragment. The UK sent troops to Canada and France sent troops to Mexico, and both supported the South. The Czar of Russia sent his navy to the USA, anchored at New York and San Francisco, in a show of support for the North. Russia, the UK, and France were jockeying in those days for supremacy, and the ended a few years earlier, and with the USA's instability, the New World became a theater for European power jockeying, for a historical moment. Secretary of State Seward deftly handled the situation and avoided open war with Europe, especially in 1861 when a northern ship stopped and boarded the , a British ship, and seized two Southern diplomats bound for England. Seward, like his predecessors, grabbed what land he could, but failed with his plans to acquire Caribbean islands and Hawaii. His only success was “Seward’s Folly,” “buying” Alaska from the Czar of Russia.

The intent of the book was to expose the history and actions of the Jacobins ..

The Jacobins : an essay in the new history.

However, unlike many historians, CLR James in his work, The Black Jacobins, does not depict the struggle for independence as merely a slave revolt which happened to come after the French Revolution.