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Parental Influence
A child's earliest exposure to what it means to be male or female comesfrom parents (Lauer & Lauer, 1994; Santrock, 1994; Kaplan, 1991). Fromthe time their children are babies, parents treat sons and daughters differently,dressing infants in gender specific colors, giving gender differentiatedtoys, and expecting different behavior from boys and girls (Thorne, 1993).One study indicates that parents have differential expectations of sonsand daughters as early as 24 hours after birth (Rubin, Provenzano, &Luria, 1974).

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Parental Influence on Children's Socialization to Gender Roles Adolescence, Summer, 1997 Susan D
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Families with one or more androgynous parent (i.e., a mom who repairsthe family car or a dad who bakes cookies for the PTA meeting) have beenfound to be highest on scores of parental warmth and support. These androgynousparents are found to be highly encouraging regarding achievement and developinga sense of self worth in sons and daughters (Sedney, 1987; Spence &Helmreich, 1980). Because of the strong influence of parents on genderrole socialization, those parents who wish to be gender fair and encouragethe best in both their sons and their daughters would do well to adoptan androgynous gender role orientation and encourage the same in theirchildren. References

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In this class, Andrew Siu will cover landscape, flower and birds, insects and fish as well as other animals. He will present his artworks gleaning the best from different styles, uses 'mix and match' method showing a combination of traditional Chinese painting together with the western modern aesthetic. During the classes, student will learn basic brush strokes; proper use of ink and color; knowledge to handle of other instruments and tools; the principle theory of Chinese brush painting; developing a simple and easy way for the student to understand essential elements of composition in creating artwork. Various art demonstration in class by the instructor. The course is suitable for the beginners and the advanced learners.

About the Instructor: ANDREW SIU has been interested in all types of art since he was young, but he always had a great passion for Chinese brush painting in particular. He has been trained in the 'Lingnan School of painting for over 16 years. He graduated in Capital Normal University, Beijing of China and received a Postgraduate Master Diploma in Chinese Calligraphy and Arts. He is now pursuing a Master Degree of Fine Art (MFA) program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Andrew has established a very unique mixture of the 'Lingnan' style of Chinese brush painting with western influence in all his art work. He has held three solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, San Francisco and China respectively. In 2009, he appeared on a popular Hong Kong leisure television show where he presented his recent works and spoke about his appreciation of Chinese painting. Andrew also holds several honorary positions, such as consultant and committee chair member in various established art associations in Hong Kong and the United States.