– a draft of the final chapter of herbook, titled

Not surprisingly, her most recent account entirely omits Cancun and “Mayan ruins.” In she claims that she and Lee were to escape to Mérida, a (a two-hundred-mile drive from present-day Cancun) because it was a place“that had CIA contacts located there.”

– and aresponse to critics written in November2003.

– An  The narration is in Dutch, but Judyth speaks in English.

1. Two sheets of stationery from the Reily coffee company.

But long before that – for three and a half decades, in fact – I have never let the evidencebe out of my possession, and it has always been at my side whenever I entered or left anycountry (as an anthropologist – B.S. degree in anthropology, with additional graduatehours and lots of field work – and as the wife of a geologist-mathematician, I have livedout of country and also traveled extensively ) .

3. An ink bottle Lee supposedly used to fill his fountain pen

Team Judyth has pointedly ignored questions about whether they ever sought a police report thatcould confirm this incident. Judyth gave a similar account to a researcher Louis Girdler, andAccording to Girdler:

Some readers may be tempted to stop reading right now, given the sheer implausibility of thetale.

sözlük bu yazıların doğru olduğu hakkında bir teminat vermez.

OK, so Judyth has all the “evidence” – including things such as the “green glass” (see above)with her. But there is one class of evidence she was much less careful with.

That did it, we began talking together.

So she have a diary showing contemporaneous mention of her affair with Oswald andperhaps her role in the assassination plot, but the drug addict landlord of her trailer park homeburned it.

Judyth’s account finds Ochsner sinister because:

About this time last year, my former landlord, a drug addict, stole my diary, somejewelry and other things. He stole valuables from the other two trailers he alsoowned, at the same time, and the police were on their way. So he built a bonfire – under my window – and burned the evidence – probably what happened to thediary that had four pages from 1963 in it – before he was taken off to jail anyway– and of course, seeking a more secure habitat, at the urging of my good friends, Imoved into the most secure – and nicest – apartment complex available here, eventhough it’s pricey for me. . .

The mice, by the way, were longgone from his apartment by the summer of 1963.

------ i know you hurtin' and worryin'.

Sandra had silicone implants, which supposedly conveniently gave trouble aboutthe time, I think, that Garrison needed her in town the least. Off s/he went toNew York, and though s/he was a famous attraction, Mac [McCullough] said henever saw Sandra again and wonders if s/he is still alive.

Interestingly, Anna Lewis, with her important “corroboration” of Judyth’s story, doesn’t appearin

mostly i'm tired of people being ugly to each other.

Lee and Judyth were heartsick over the plan to treat a prisoner/mental patient, butwere powerless to stop it. Several days after the first trip, Lee took Judyth to thehospital to see the test subject. Shaw OK’d it, as he wanted her professionalassessment of the patient’s condition.

Since it has been several years, one has to wonder why there isn’t a definitive assessment.

it's like pieces of glass in my head all the time.

I have a library of books, some of which are on display in my living room. Many moreare in boxes. My daughter, Sarah, has rummage through all my books. She or another ofmy five children even took the book Lee wrote in to school and put yellow magic markerunderscoring in it! That’s how useless I thought Lee’s handwriting would be – becausethere was no signature. I am just glad the book wasn’t lost or damaged more than it was.