There were many factors that caused the Great Depression.

Events such as the stock market crash, an economy suffering from being inflated, overuse of credit, a farming crisis, and other events led America to the economic downfall known as the Great Depression.

The great depression was a time of horror and failure.

In the great depression people in cities and towns already lost too many jobs.

Causes and Effects of the Great Depression

Nations that owed America billions of dollars could not honor their obligations because of the effects of the depression. Despite these events, Americans continued to invest heavily in the stock market, which hit its highest mark in 1929. A decline began soon after and on 24th October 1929, investors began to sell millions of shares in panic as the decline persisted. The stock market crashed on 29th October 1929 (Black Tuesday) and investors including banks lost billions of dollars. The resultant economic downturn lasted for 10 years and spread to other economies especially America’s trade partners.

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The effects of the Great Depression were more severe in America but were felt across all world economies. Investors in the stock market could not pay their loans. These included real estate companies. People demanded their deposits from banks in panic and as a result, there was less money in circulation. Government’s efforts to reverse the resultant deflation did not yield results. Companies closed down because of deflation and low demand while some laid down thousands of their workers. Consequently, unemployment levels increased. Real estate properties that were once priced possessions lost value. Investors in real estate could not pay their mortgages. Banks repossessed their properties, which were worthless because no one could afford to buy them. Over nine thousands failed closed down. Nations had to implement major changes in their macroeconomic policies and institutions to recover from the Great Depression.

The Stock Market’s Crash began the Great Depression and America would reap havoc for many years.

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In the United States, the was the dominant force from the Civil War to the Great Depression. In 1932, Americans elected Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt (""); the was the dominant party until the election of in 1980.

Adolf Hilter and the (National Socialist German Workers' Party) came into power in Germany in 1930, becoming the second largest party in the country. In 1932, Hitler came in second in a race for president. In 1933, Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany.

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Of Mice and Men reflects the Great Depression Era by presenting the storyline in the agricultural setting of 1930s California, describing the hardships of migrant field workers, and mentioning the dreams and goals of various characters.

The stock market crash of 1929 is one of the main causes of the Great Depression.

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It was enacted during the famous First Hundred Days of his first term in office and was the centerpiece of his initial efforts to reverse the economic collapse of the Great Depression.

The film begin is grey, dustbowl Kansas, a land wraked by the Great Depression.

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Even though people are taught about the Great Depression, I personally think that a lot of people do not understand the severity that it caused and the livelihoods that it forever changed.

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The timing of the Great Depression varied across nations, but in most countries it started in the 1930s and lasted until the late 1930s or middle 1940s.