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In 1840, there were about 17 million Americans, as compared to less than four million in 1790, when the first American census was taken. The 1840s saw the USA in the midst of trends that define its character today. Between Napoleon and World War I, European soil was largely free of warfare. That was partly because the USA acted as a safety valve for poorer Europeans. British subjects and Germans were the most common immigrants, and the Africans who came against their will as slaves. Early industrialization in Europe was a hellish experience, and the UK led the way. British factories were known as “satanic mills” and dismal British urban life of the late 18th and early 19th century is epitomized by the work of Charles Dickens. His was published in 1843.

the grapes of wrath essay comparing it to americans

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That issue became one of contention in left circles. Kosovo has large deposits of lead, zinc, silver, gold, and other lucrative ores. The Yugoslavian government's mining company owned the mines. The capitalists did not have their hands on it yet. Ripping Kosovo from Serbia nearly guaranteed that capitalists will own it. That part of the "freedom" deal for Kosovo's Albanians received little notice in the American press. Those mines, however, are tiny compared to another goal of the capitalists. There was an estimated five dollars of oil sitting underneath the Caspian Sea region, and the USA was busy negotiating rights to that oil while cutting out local powers such as Russia and Iran. Yugoslavia sits on a favored route for the projected pipeline from the region, and is one more reason that capitalists want to control the Balkans. Breaking Yugoslavia into pieces is a good way to do it. It is another divide-and-conquer tactic. Noam Chomsky downplayed the strictly economic aspect of the Kosovo intervention, likening our intervention to that of a Mafia Don: he may terrorize the shopkeeper for protection money, but the terror is more important than the money for any targeted shopkeeper, as it helps keep all shopkeepers in line with the program. What did Al Capone want more of, money or power? To those he abused, it did not really matter.

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The Spanish soldiers who conquered the New World mainly came from the peasant class. The New World's soldierly leaders were generally , which was the lowest form of Spanish nobility and meant that an ancestor did well in battle against Moors. From the moment they discovered the naked women of the Caribbean, they were like brutal kids in candy stores. Raping native women was perhaps the favorite pastime of Spanish soldiers, from 1492 until the 1800s, which is where the huge mestizo class of Latin America came from. Their role models were the grandees of Spain, who were rich landowners that did not take off their hats in the king's presence. The merchant and skilled classes of Spain were significantly composed of Jews and Moors, but they were run out of the country, which helped set the stage for Spain's decline in comparison to its European rivals.