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Best of all, the love when my only daughter, who is 13 years old come home. She, brightens up their world, each and every one of them. Why? Because DD’s passion is art, she is beyond talented for her age. She has convinced her art and fashions teachers that she is capable to do beyond her grade level (where she would be other wise limited she has convinced them she is capable). She walks in dressed, hair, make-up and outfit like she is a movie star/princess. She settles in and invites all 6 girls to her studio and they create each and every day until their parents arrive.

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My kids are 5 and 9. They dress up looking nothing like the magazines (spiderman, highheels, hat, 20 or so braclets and bikini outside a t-shirt) and I NEVER judge them but saying “wow, you look cool! What are you playing?” And from their answer, we play; detectives, supergirls, super-power-people, school, café, circus or what ever they fancy.

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I have two daughters (15 months and 3.5 years) and frequently fall into the set piece of “you look so pretty in that dress/hair combed/etc.” My parents did not raise me to be conscious of my looks and thanks to them, I managed to avoid body obsession until well into high school. Both girls have wonderful bright and outgoing personalities, love their books, love their soft friends and I know I need to make more of a point to acknowledge these things that make them special, not just that I think they look beautiful. Thank you for the timely reminder.

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I have thought these same thoughts for a very long time. As I think about it more, I wonder if parents (moms) may be subconsciously contributing to this when they dress their daughters up all fancy and focus so much on their hair and other outward stuff. I am not suggesting that we should put girls in “boys’ clothes,” but maybe give them more freedom in choosing their own clothes. We might be surprised at what they choose.

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Yeah, looking at the picture it would seem obvious that the kids mom went to a lot of trouble to make her look cute. So what kind of comments does she think people will think of first. Oh she looks very intelligent I wonder what books she reads. No I don’t think moms should dress their girls like boys but let’s face the fact that this is complicated.

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Michael should share his feelings with Frances and he should not hurt Frances by talking about other women or his feelings about them.
Busy city life: represents busy New York streets
Date: Both are walking with each other and drinking at a bar
Dresses: represents the attractiveness of women in their dresses in summer
Michael creates suspense when he keeps looking at other women.

Girls In Their Summer Clothes

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Please please be careful. My parents brought us up without pretty hair slides and ribbons, without pretty dresses. We were not told daily that we were beautiful and pretty, but clever and polite. We were encouraged to do well at school, to read, learn to play music and be creative. My parents meant well but my sister and I had terrible self esteem, we believed we did not fit in with our beautiful peers. We felt unloved by our parents, ashamed that we must have been so unattractive, we didn’t not deserve pretty clothes and ribbons. We did not do well at school because we lacked the confidence and self worth. We both became unhealthily preoccupied with our looks. My sister spent a fortune on clothes, having her hair and nails done when she left home. I never feel pretty enough to wear pretty clothes and felt an outcast. It wasn’t until I was in my 30′s and I wanted children that I sought cognitive behavioural therapy. I didn’t want my children to be exposed to my issues. I am now very happy with how I look. I am happily married and have 2 little girls. I tell them every day that they are pretty and beautiful. I tell them they are pretty because when they smile and laugh they brighten up the World and that is what pretty things do. I tell them they are beautiful because they are kind and caring, because they try their best at everything they do. That they are beautiful because they enrich other people lives and that is what beautiful things do. My children are confident and happy and very very much loved.