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Earth could be the five Chinese elements.

The fifth-brightest, zeta Eri, is Zibal (part of the

The origin or commonality of each of the elements is indicated below.

Nitrogen and phosphorus are the most vital elements for life after carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. In its pure state in nature, nitrogen, like hydrogen and oxygen, is a diatomic molecule. Hydrogen in nature is single-bonded to itself, oxygen is double-bonded, and nitrogen is triple-bonded. Because of that , nitrogen is quite unreactive and prefers to stay bonded to itself. In nature, nitrogen will not significantly react with other substances unless the temperature () is very high. Most nitrogen compounds in nature are created when the nitrogen and oxygen that comprise more than 99% of Earth’s atmosphere react under lightning’s influence to create nitric oxide, which then reacts with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide, and atmospheric water combines with that to make nitrous and nitric acids, which then fall to Earth’s surface in precipitation. Certain kinds of bacteria “fix” the nitrogen from the acidic rain into biological systems. Also, some bacteria can fix nitrogen directly from atmospheric nitrogen, but it is an that uses the energy in eight ATP molecules to fix each atom of nitrogen. For the earliest life on Earth, nitrogen would have been essential, and , where .

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Earth’s volume is about one trillion cubic kilometers, its core is believed to be about 90% iron, and the rest is largely nickel. The is thought to be mostly oxygen and silicon, and the remainder is largely composed of the lighter alkali and alkaline earth metals, such as sodium, potassium, and calcium. Those mantle metals are primarily bound in oxides. The mantle makes up more than 80% of Earth’s volume. The crust also is almost solely comprised of oxides. Silicon dioxide (sand and glass are made from it) is the most prevalent compound and the crust is, by mass, nearly 75% oxygen and silicon (), and nearly all of the remainder is aluminum, iron, and those lighter and earth metals. All other elements combined amount to less than 2% of Earth’s crust. An accompanying presents the current estimates of the relative concentrations of Earth’s mass and atoms that are relevant to this essay.

Yet the four element theory is not Chinese, nor, with the loss of Aether, even Buddhist [].

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states that life can only grow as fast as its scarcest nutrient, and nutrient availability is clearly the limiting factor in many ecological situations. In the oceans today, most marine life lives near land (), as nutrient runoffs from land feed oceanic ecosystems. The runoff is seasonal and so is the fish catch, the , and the like. are two particularly critical nutrients; blooms and die-offs are based on those elements’ availability. In the industrial age, with artificially added in agriculture, the runoff has created great algal blooms (which create hypoxic “”) and other events, and even .

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Part of the hypothesis for skyrocketing oxygen levels during the late Proterozoic was that high carbon dioxide levels, combined with a continent that had been ground down by glaciers, and the resumption of the hydrological cycle, which would have vanished during the Snowball Earth events, would have created conditions of dramatically increased erosion, which would have buried carbon (the cap carbonates are part of that evidence) and thus helped oxygenate the atmosphere. Evidence for that increased erosion also came in the form of strontium isotope analysis. Two of strontium’s stable isotopes are . Earth’s mantle is enriched in strontium-86 while the crust is enriched in strontium-87, so basalts exposed to the ocean in the oceanic volcanic ridges are enriched in strontium-86 while continental rocks are enriched in strontium-87. If erosion is higher than normal, then ocean sediments will be enriched in strontium-87, which analysis of Ediacaran sediments confirmed. That evidence, combined with carbon isotope ratios, provides a strong indication of high erosion and high carbon burial, which would have increased atmospheric oxygen levels. There is other evidence of increasing atmospheric oxygen content during the late Proterozoic, such as an increase in rare earth elements in Ediacaran sediments. Although there is still plenty of controversy, today's consensus is that the Cryogenian is when , where they have largely stayed, although as this essay will later discuss, oxygen levels have varied widely since the late Proterozoic (from perhaps only a few percent to 35%).

Thus, we might say that Aether, or Emptiness, rules the other elements.

It’s probably the most important element in any essay, ..

The character for "Air" used in the cartoon series of is the simplified version (without the six stroke element under the wrapper) of , "breath, air, steam, gas, weather" [].

Since Air is not a Chinese element, there is actually no traditional character for it.

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"Elementary," responded Snape flippantly. "There are, in fact, five other invisible ink potions that are less subject to either tampering or reversal than Ecrita Umbra. I'm frankly surprised that Lily Potter, who took a N.E.W.T. in potions with honours, let you handle this rather than do it herself."

For the Seven Elements, what we have left are metal and aether, in  and .

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When life colonized land, global weather systems began dramatically impacting life, as land plants and animals would be at the mercy of the elements as never before, and . The continents also began coming together and eventually formed in the Permian, and converging plates meant subduction and mountain-building. were formed in the Devonian, the , and the mountains of the USA’s also . Colliding tectonic plates can build mountains, and mountain ranges greatly impacted weather systems during terrestrial life’s future, which also profoundly influenced oceanic ecosystems.