The sunset that evening was unlike any Amari had ever seen.

The lesson expressed here is that at the time of Nehemiah the Sabbath did not begin (an exact moment in time - look at your watch time or as written on a sunset time chart in your newspaper). After sundown there is still a period of time called the twilight and twilight (which is part of the evening) was before the Sabbath.

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Step 2: What did you notice? What do you think this song has to do with

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"That Evening Sun" is an extremely creepy Modernist short story is about a terrified black servant who's abandoned by the white family she works for—and, if abandonment weren't enough, she's also at risk of being murdered by her psycho razor-wielding husband.

“That Evening Sun” is narrated 15 years after the events it describes

Objective: Titles often have interesting double meanings, and "That Evening Sun"has a real doozy of a background. The title comes from an old song called ""which was popularized by and in 1927.

They understand that the evening sunset occurs as the day is coming to an end, but does not end the day.

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Step 5: Easy peasy wrap up coming your way. Write a paragraph about why Nancy is afraid of "that evening sun going down" and what that tells the reader about the treatment of slave women in the South. We're thinking around 150 to 200 words on this one. Ready? Go.

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The action of the sunset occurs during the evening of the day. Once the evening is over because the (sun's) light of that day is no longer evident, then the night of the new day commences.

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What do you think the significance is of the line: "I hate to see that evening sun go down / It makes me think I'm on my last go 'round?" Write some brief responses (a sentence or two) in your notebook to the following questions:

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Step 3: You'll each get a copy of the lyrics of "St. Louis Blues." In pairs, write a one-sentence summary of the broad idea in "That Evening Sun." Then, write a one-sentence summary of what "St. Louis Blues" is about.

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When it comes to an ordinary (non-Sabbath or non-Holy Day) day, the Jews observe the beginning of the day the evening of the previous day. It is only with the Sabbaths and Holy Days that the Jews consider the sunset (the sun actually dropping below the western horizon) of the previous day as the actual beginning of the Sabbath or Holy Days.

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We are told it was dark (night) and it was "in the same day" that a covenant was made. The sun went down, it was set (completely); the twilight was now over, the evening was past, it was now dark, it was night.

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The term () is the operative word in Leviticus 23:32 and throughout the Scriptures, not sunset (). The Scriptures clearly teach that the evening ends the day, not the sunset.