Вся суть кремлевской пропаганды в одном видео

All Americans – but especially Catholics – should take an interest in these events, for in certain key respects the struggle between predominantly urban revolutionaries and predominantly rural Christians foreshadows the Blue-Red divide of our own time and society. And it is to the Revolution that we owe not only those twin ideological behemoths of our troubled age, liberalism and nationalism, but also the very terms “left” and “right.” For at the beginning of the revolutionary period, the left side of the National Assembly was occupied by proponents of subversion, even as the right side was held by traditionalists who defended the institutions which had created France: the guilds, the Crown, the aristocracy, and above all the Church.

Карта: распространение НАТО на восток

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In other words, if every argument about terrorism security becomes an argument about the drawbacks of Islam, then what are we supposed to do? Convert them all to Christianity at gunpoint? "Fighting them over there" is not an acceptable answer.

It does pull things together quite well but...

Should we force people to state their religion before boarding an airplane? Should we target men with Muslim names or brown skin? What about Richard Reed and Jose Padilla?

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I'd like everyone to take a deep breath and listen for a minute.

They attack with carboard cutters, manure bombs, and maybe other household appliances. They aren't in need of money. To bring there acts out with result, they only thing they need is day to day brainwashing.

And we're doing exactly what the terrorists want.

I thought I said as much when I wrote: "The point of terrorism is to cause terror, sometimes to further a political goal and sometimes out of sheer hatred."

You sound so much more authoritative with a British accent!

I guess not, terrorism only exist (and existed) by the ones who have no power and are deprived of justice. (in their eyes)
"it's the power of the weak."

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@Clive: He's right. 3100 deaths/month in 2008 vs. 2998 on 9/11.

Any attempt of the local people to create their own governments were prevented, and puppet regimes setup in place. If that isn't a clear cut case of imperialism, I don't know what is.

@Clive, re "Even 9/11 failed to kill as many people as automobiles do in the US every single month"

If they gear it towards a specific rare tactic or event, yes.

. In fact, modern economists, recognizing that man does not always behave as a -maximizer, posit a "utility" function, utility being either income or some other good that can be maximized: leisure, sexual satisfaction, or the pleasure of philosophizing. That profit must be replaced with a value like utility indicates the cogency of the idealist perspective. ()

"In total 2,993 people, including the hijackers, died in the attacks." -

I don't think you understood that.

It is worth saying that government agencies should be busy eliminating terrorist threats quietly. Setups and knockdowns should not be used as publicity opportunities for politicians who had little or nothing to do with the operations of field agents. The Miami setup was a rediculous publicity stunt, and gained the intelligence offices no insight into domestic terrorist operations and wasted resources on students that had no connection to foriegn terrorist groups.