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Additionally, research shows that abstinence-only strategies could deter contraceptive use among teenagers, thus increasing their risk of unintended pregnancy (Stanger-Hall, Hall 3).

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Teenagers that have a child at a younger age may have had less education, come from a single-parent family themselves and have many siblings (Hofferth et al., 2001). The mothers of these teenagers that have these risk factors engage in early sexual activity and consequently become pregnant (Hofferth et al., 2001). Several recent studies have used experiments such as comparing teenagers who have had a miscarriage with a teenager who has given birth to a child, to examine the effects of a teenage birth. One study found that teenage mothers that gave birth before the age of 18 have a reduced rate of high school graduation (Hofferth et al., 2001). Of those teenage mothers, 41% obtained a high school degree, while 61% teenage girls who did not give births as teenagers obtained a high school degree (Hofferth et al., 2001).

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However, parental involvement in their daughter’s school such as attending school meetings, participating in school activities, going to their daughters honor ceremony are not related to whether their daughters will become pregnant. Furthermore, adolescents who are involved in religious organizations are less likely to bear a child. Teenage girls who belong to a club or attend church are those who most likely will not bear a child in high school (Moore et al., 1998).

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There are multiple negative consequences associated with teen pregnancy (Moore et al., 1998). Teenagers who have babies at an early age are less likely to complete high school, and more likely to be on welfare or to work at a job with a low income and experience poverty than women who delay childbearing until an older age (Moore et al., 1998). The disadvantages for teenage girls who bear a child at such a young age reduce their education or employment opportunities. For women who delay pregnancy and childbirth, there are some advantages (Hofferth et al., 2001). The mother is more experienced with life itself, has a better education background and often has a steady job and steady marriage. As life progresses, such factors integrate themselves with life and having a child.

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Again, many of these factors are all too evident in our contact with our young clients. They are disadvantaged and, therefore, vulnerable and may find it difficult to control sexual activity to prevent a pregnancy from occurring. Loneliness, boredom and the lack of sense of direction in life are common features of the disadvantaged teenager (Condon, 1994).

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For a teenager, the death of a significant person, the separation/divorce of parents or any other major change such as moving house or changing schools can bring about a depression and consequently lead to a greater vulnerability (Teen Pregnancy Statistics, 2009). It is this vulnerability and need that may lead the adolescent into behaviour that seeks to compensate for the emotional loss – emotions can be intense and the desire to be connected with someone can lead to a need for intimacy.

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There is substantial research showing the negative outcomes of teenage pregnancy: teenage parents and their children to raise awareness of this problem.