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Teamwork requires an explicit decision by the team members to co-operate in meeting the shared objective. This requires that team members sacrifice their autonomy, allowing their activity to be coordinated by the team, either through decisions by the team leader or through shared decision making. As a result, the responsibilities of professionals working as a team include not only activities they deliver because of their specialized skills or knowledge, but also those resulting from their commitment to monitor the activities performed by their teammates, including managing the conflicts that may result (Oandasan et al. 2006).

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Stein (2014) adds that behaviors during the Storming stage may be less polite than during the Forming stage, with frustration or disagreements about goals, expectations, roles and responsibilities being openly expressed....

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Issues affecting health workplaces range from serious concerns that could affect the immediate physical safety of workers to those that would improve productivity and efficiency, or make an organization a preferred employer. Employers and workers might consider effective teamwork an asset, but for patients it is a prerequisite. This paper reviews the evidence for effective teamwork, primarily that gathered by a research team funded by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF). We also review the expert opinion provided by a group of 25 researchers and decision makers convened by CHSRF in late 2005 at a forum for discussion about issues related to effective teamwork. Included in the retreat were representatives from professional organizations and occupations as well as areas such as legal liability.

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However, when the CHSRF and its partners repeated the Listening for Direction process in 2004, a clear separation appeared between the and aspects of the issue, and concerns about teamwork were pervasive and prominent within both themes. Within the workforce aspect were concerns about the best ways to facilitate inter-professional teamwork and approaches, as well as the regulation of scope of practice and entry to practice. Within the workplace aspect was an interest in the role of occupational hierarchies, organizational structures and management practices and approaches and their effects on workplace productivity, stress, absenteeism and so on (Dault et al. 2004).

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This paper addresses the issue of effective teamwork, a critical element of a healthy workplace but so far not at the "tipping point" where workers or employers expect it. However, for people receiving health services, effective teamwork is already more than just highly desirable. It is a basic prerequisite they often assume to be in place. The task of health system managers, policy makers and clinicians is to find ways of implementing the desired conditions for workers while meeting the expectations of patients.