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My challenge, as a teacher, is to find ways to inspire my students to develop the same skills, while also meeting curricular guidelines and objectives. Many of the problems that are best suited for developing these skills in students are also open-ended or have many possible solutions. Furthermore, the intellectual work that the student does in developing the solution is more important than the actual solution, because (as a teacher) I want to know extit the student arrived at that solution as evidence of their critical thinking ability. In CSC495D, students were required to document their decisions in a structured format. The resulting sequence of decisions would then be a mental trace of their thought processes as they solved the problem, including how they justified each decision they made. My goals for this structure were twofold: first, to "force" them to use a set of design principles as rationales for their decisions; and second, to help them understand for themselves how they were reasoning out the solutions to the problems. This structure also carried additional overhead that many of the students found excessive, and they resisted using it by only documenting trivial or very general decisions.

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In whichever way you share your career progress, remember that your objective is to demonstrate how your past experiences qualify you to seek the career you now desire, which you will share through the career goals essay. Your past is looked at keenly since it adds credibility to claims you make about the future you seek.

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